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Leagues need to find ways on a yearly basis to generate funds to administer a successful baseball and softball program in their local community. Listed below are some items to consider when making a decision in which direction you select to raise league funds. Once you have decided which program would work best for your league, click on the above Babe Ruth Official Fundraising Programs for more detailed information.


Fun - When selecting an activity for the participants in your league the most important factor should be based on fun. The participants and their families should have fun when raising funds for their local baseball and softball organization.

Unique - When selecting a product that is unique to all other fundraising programs in your area, you are enhancing your change of generating additional dollars. Babe Ruth League offers two unique fundraisers for the 2002 season.

Necessity - Fundraising is a necessity for each league to survive. Please provide the parents of the players with an outline of the projected expenses of the league to make them aware of the necessity to fundraise.

Decision - Before arriving at a final decision, make sure you exhaust all options to be sure you have found the most useful fundraiser for your league.

Administer - Name a chairperson who will be responsible to administer the program. This person will be responsible for the distribution of the product and collection of funds.

Imagination - Take advantage of the talents of the people in your league. Create a program that will excite your participants.

Safety - Make sure to never fundraise alone. When fundraising make sure the safety of the players has your undivided attention.

Incentives - To generate additional funds create an incentive program that will motivate your players to make their best effort to raise funds.

Network - Exhaust all sales opportunities when selling the product. The network of purchasers should include parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors, friends and business associates.

Goals - When selecting a program or programs define the expected goals. Setting specific goals will allow you to generate the funds needed to administer a highly successful baseball and softball program.


If you would like to further discuss the ways to crate a fundraising program or to receive additional information on the adidas T-Shirt Program, Spike's Custom Pins or Collectible Bambino Bear call Joe Smiegocki at 1-800-880-3142 or email


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