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Frequently Asked Questions for Coaches and Volunteers

  1. What is SportsEngine Background Screening by NCSI?

    In January of 2018, SportsEngine acquired Sports Illustrated Play and continues to serve the Sports Illustrated Play customers, providing the same commitment to service that you have come to expect.

    SportsEngine also acquired the two leading providers of background screening services, NCSI and SSCI. While NSCI and SSCI services are fully-integrated with the SportsEngine platform, they remain as an independently-operated company to ensure data privacy and security.

  2. How does Background Screening by NCSI differ from a discount background check?

    Background Screening by NCSI is the Gold Standard in youth and amateur sports because of the quality of service provided by NCSI and the depth of the background check. Unlike most discount screens, NCSI will do an in-depth identify verification, search over 800 million records from the national multi-jurisdictional databases, and sex offender registry, and then go to the local state and county searches. This is a key component missing from many discount searches, as many localities do not consistently report up to the national database providers. NCSI will then always do a thorough quality control review on the report before sending results back to the customer.

  3. How do I start the background screening process?

    The background screening registration will be available on, and on the individual league websites. Invitations to coaches and volunteers will also be sent via email. Please also check your inbox for an email from Babe Ruth.

    In order to complete your background screening, you will need to create a SportsEngine account, and submit your personal information, including your SSN.

  4. What happens once I've submitted my background screen?

    Once you have submitted your background screen, SportsEngine sends this information to NCSI | SSCI. NCSI begins the background screening report by validating your personal data through a social security address trace. If they are unable to do so from the information you submitted, a member of the NCSI | SSCI team will reach out to you directly from the email address

    After your personal data is validated, NCSI | SSCI will search two national criminal databases and national sex offender registries. NCSI | SSCI will then also perform a county level criminal record check in the county or counties associated with your address history found on the social security address trace.

    In order to ensure accuracy of the report, the NCSI | SSCI quality assurance team reviews all information before sending the results of the report to the SportsEngine platform.

    Once the report is delivered to the SportsEngine platform, your organization administrator will be notified and will have access to review the results of the report. Your organization administrator will make the final determination of your eligibility to participate.

  5. How long does it take NCSI | SSCI to complete the background screening?

    The background screening process is typically completed in five business days from the date of submission. Be aware that the turnaround time can vary for a variety of reasons including: applicant needs to verify their personal data with the NCSI | SSCI team; or courthouses are experiencing delays either due to heavy volume or other circumstances.

    If your screening is delayed, please check your inbox for emails from, as NCSI | SSCI may have reached out to you to verify your personal data.

    Please Note: providing inaccurate personal data during registration may delay the background screening process.

  6. It’s been longer than five business days, and I haven’t received an email or confirmation that my background screening has been completed - what do I do?

    After five business days, please contact NCSI | SSCI directly at for a status update. Depending on the status, the NCSI | SSCI team may be able to expedite the process to complete and deliver the report.

  7. Who do I reach out to if I have questions about the results of my background screening?

    For questions, please contact the NCSI | SSCI Quality Control Department at (866) 996-7412 and select option #5. You may also submit an inquiry via email to:

  8. What if I don't want to provide my personally identifiable information (PII)?

    The background screening application requires the submission of full legal name, address, date of birth and social security number. All of the required fields are marked with an asterisk. We are unable to complete the background screening if any of the required information is not provided.

    SportsEngine and NCSI | SSCI have policies and processes in place designed to protect our customers’ and users’ best interests. Access to data is only given to those with a true need for such access. Both organizations are PCI-compliant, and do not share any personal information with third-parties.

    Please Note: providing inaccurate personal data during registration may delay the background screening process.

  9. Can I get a copy of my report?

    Yes, you can receive a copy of your report, either by clicking the box at the end of your background screening registration on SportsEngine, or emailing if you have already submitted your registration.

  10. How do I complete my APS Abuse Prevention Training?

    Once you submit your personal information for your background screening, you will be sent to a page that has a link to the APS training. Click through the link to continue on to the training. You will also receive an email, in case you need to retrieve the URL at a later.

  11. I never received an email from APS to complete my training. What do I do?

    If you have completed your background check and have yet to receive your APS training link, first check your SPAM/JUNK mail for 'abuse prevention'. If you still haven't received it, please email

  12. I’ve completed my background screening and training, how do I ensure I’m cleared to participate?

    You can call Phone: 800-880-3142 or email

  13. What is the process for international screens?

    For individuals who are international citizens, but have applied for a work visa, there is an FBI fingerprint and name check, as well as a security and background portion of the visa application process that must be completed and passed in order to obtain the visa.

    Therefore, NCSI | SSCI will only run a domestic check for the time that the applicant has resided in the U.S., as a supplement to the visa process.

    For those applicants who are not able to provide a proof of visa, an international background screen will be required. The cost of the international background screen will be $150.00 at the expense of the applicant. Registration for the international screen can be completed here:

    NCSI | SSCI will contact the applicant to obtain any additional documentation that may be necessary to initiate the international screening (ex. passport image, country-specific consent, etc.).

  14. What is the process for Pennsylvania background screens?

    In addition to the Gold Standard background check, SportsEngine provides additional document management services to help organizations remain compliant with Pennsylvania Act 153 of 2014. This Act requires that any adults who come into contact with children while serving in Pennsylvania, either as paid employees or unpaid volunteers, provide the following clearances before participating:

    • Criminal History Record Search from the PA State Police (PATCH) system.
    • Child Abuse Clearance obtained through the PA Department of Human Services.
    • One of the following:
      1. FBI Fingerprint screening submitted through the PA State Police
      2. Signed Volunteer Affidavit (volunteers with continuous residence in PA for the past ten years)

    Those coaches and volunteers that live in PA and are completing a background screen, will be required to upload the three required documents onto SportsEngine, and NCSI | SSCI will validate these documents. Please refer to the following link for complete instructions on how to obtain these clearances:

LEAGUE ADMINISTRATORS - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I register to become a League Admin?

    CLICK HERE to register as a League Admin

  2. Where do I view the Coaches and Volunteers that have passed the Background Screen?

    You can view those at THIS LINK and selecting your region after you have registered for the League Admin Registration. Make sure you’re logged in to the same account you used when you registered for the League Admin Registration. You will also be emailed the direct link following completion of the League Admin Registration.

  3. What if a Coach or Volunteer says they have completed the Background Screen, but they don’t appear on the region report that was emailed to me?

    Please wait 7 business days from the time the Background Screen is completed by the Coach or Volunteer and check the region report again. If they are still not on this report and have confirmed SSCI has not reached out to them to provide additional information and they have an email receipt of the Background Screen session, reach out to Babe Ruth Baseball at to check the status.

  4. What if APS status box is blank?

    This means the Coach or Volunteer hasn’t completed the Abuse Prevention Training yet. Please reach out to that Coach or Volunteer to complete the training.

  5. What if a Coach or Volunteer is unable to find the APS Training Email?

    Please reach out to to resend the training link.

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