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2016 BRL Sponsors and Partners

All-Star Team of Sponsors and Partners

Raising Funds GraphicBabe Ruth League, Inc. works hard to address the needs of our leagues and are very pleased with the "all-star" caliber team of sponsors we have behind us.  Some of the best and most recognized names in the industry are available to assist our leagues and commissioners

When a group is part of the Babe Ruth League family, they can take comfort in knowing that the "Ruth" and "Ripken" names are two of the most respected names in youth sports.  Using the "Babe Ruth League" brand definitely provides credibility to your league and goes a long way in helping your program generate those needed operational funds.



Anaconda Sports/Lids Team Sports, the official supplier to Babe Ruth League, Inc., can help stretch your league’s budget.  They offer the lowest prices, quality service, and most important, have all of the leagues’ needs covered, whether it is baseballs, softballs, uniforms, bats, umpiring gear, as well as field equipment.  

The Babe Ruth Store, powered by Anaconda, offers a website that is very informative and easy to follow.  Please visit, click on “Store” and then click on the equipment icon so that you can see all the sales programs offered for Babe Ruth League, including custom uniform packages, Rawlings helmets, equipment, and a variety of caps and visors offered by Outdoor Cap and Pacific Headwear. Anaconda Sports understands how hard it is to “gear up” your league during these rough economic times and is proud to offer all Babe Ruth leagues a special plan to place your order early without any upfront financial burden.  To take advantage of this plan, all your league will need to do is submit a credit application and abide by the terms for payment.  For price quotes, contact Rick Wohlrab at Anaconda at 1-800-327-0074, ext. 191.

We urge all leagues to closely monitor the Anaconda Babe Ruth Store for the many specials offered.  This “one stop” shopping opportunity will provide your league with what it needs for the youth of your community to enjoy a successful and memorable season in 2016.  In addition, you will be receiving monthly email specials from Babe Ruth League and Anaconda Sports on a variety of products at extremely affordable prices. For further information or to place an order, visit the Anaconda Babe Ruth Online Store or contact the dedicated sales staff at Anaconda toll-free at 1-800-327-0074.  If you are calling from within New York State, the number is 845-336-4024.  


OxiClean® is the “Official Stain Remover” of Babe Ruth League, Inc.  An oxygen-based stain fighter that’s chlorine free and color safe, OxiClean®, is designed for maximum strength stain removal in your laundry and around your home.  The team at OxiClean® understands participating in baseball and softball is a lot of fun, but it does result in some tough stain removals.  We are excited to offer the Babe Ruth League membership a simple way to remove grass and dirt stains from baseball and softball uniforms.  You no longer have to cringe during a game watching that uniform get dirty.  By using OxiClean® and following these simple tips, you can keep it looking like new for longer:

Fit presoaking into the game plan. Get in the habit of immediately soaking soiled uniforms. Presoaking is just as important as washing when it comes to preserving the quality of uniforms beyond one season. The Babe Ruth League recommends soaking baseball uniforms in OxiClean® Versatile Stain Remover to remove dirt, grass, perspiration and even caked in red clay stains.

Activated by water, the unique OxiClean® ingredients go to work unleashing bubbling oxygen power for effective stain removal that is safe to use on whites AND colors.

  • MIX: 1 scoop (fill to line 4) per 1 gallon of water.
  • Submerge stained items in solution after dissolved.
  • SOAK: 1-6 hours.
  • Depending on severity of stain, some stains may require more time to soak.
  • WASH: as normal.

Bench Chlorine Bleach. If misused, bleach can damage uniforms by weakening fabrics and eating holes in the fabric.  Instead, add a scoop of OxiClean®, along with your detergent, to every load of laundry to keep white baseball pants whiter and colored uniform tops brighter. This works great on jeans and school clothes too!

Strike Out the Dryer. Making sure uniforms are ready for every game can sometimes be a challenge, but no matter how much of a rush you’re in, do not put polyester uniforms in the dryer. The high heat can shrink the uniform and make letters and numbers crack, peel and bubble. The best option is to air dry clothes outside.

For more OxiClean® Tips, visit or  For further information, please contact Babe Ruth League Vice President Joseph Smiegocki at 1-800-880-3142 or at



KK JpgFrom the first practice of the season to the World Series, K&K Insurance has you covered.  They understand your insurance needs and have been the official insurance provider of Babe Ruth League, Inc. since 1988.

Their program includes:

  • Accident Medical
  • General Liability
  • Directors' and Officers' Liability
  • Equipment & Contents Insurance

Total commitment encompasses everything they do - from competitive coverage to prompt claims resolution.  K&K insurance is here to help when you need them most.

For further information, contact Babe Ruth Headquarters at 1-800-880-3142 or K&K Insurance at 1-800-736-7358.


Sports Authority CardSports Authority is the Exclusive Sporting Goods Store of Babe Ruth League, Inc.  They have a rich history, dating back almost a century, of being an industry leader in providing a wide assortment of quality, brand-name sporting goods.

They realize their customers are passionate about the sports they pursue.  Sports Authority knows they want to run faster, jump higher, hit the ball harder, carry their team to victory, and understand the passion that comes with being dedicated to a goal.  So they are dedicated to providing their customers with the best shopping experience possible by consistently providing great brands at great values.

A coupon is included with each league's kit offering $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

Sports Authority Ad


Great AmericanBabe Ruth League is pleased to partner with Great American Opportunitiesto provide our leagues and teams with great program options, that feature exceptional values for consumers through discount cards branded exclusively for Babe Ruth League.  Great American also offers exciting, unique opportunities that feature MLB licensed products.

This partnership guarantees that Babe Ruth leagues and teams have access to a professional and proactive sales force to assist them in selecting a quality, affordable fundraising product that will help them reach, or even exceed, target revenue goals to administer a successful league program.

Great American is more than a fundraising company, they help change lives.  Throughout their 40 years of helping schools and organizations earn more than $5 Billion in profits, they have never lost sight of their primary focus - helping kids.  The people they serve are making a real difference every day.  They customize fun, profitable, highly successful programs and provide exceptional customer serve.  For further details on this excellent fundraising opportunity, or to place an order, visit, email or call 844-408-5396.


Rawlings is the Official Tournament Baseball and Softball, as well as the Official Helmet of Babe Ruth League.  Rawlings is the only brand RAWLINGS BALLSbaseball and softball to be used for all District, State, Regional and World Series competition.

As part of the partnership, leagues are able to participate in the Rawlings "Try It and Buy It" promotion, where current Babe Ruth Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, and Babe Ruth Softball players who try or purchase a Rawlings helmet or bat are eligible to win one of two Grand Prizes where they and a guest are provided with the opportunity to meet a Rawlings Major League Advisory Staff Member at a Major League ballpark.  The winners and their guests receive complimentary transportation, loding and tickets to the game.  There are also several secondary prizes consisting of Rawlings equipment.  For additional information, contest rules and a registration form, please visit


Coaching CenterRooted in the philosophy of "Athletes first, winning second," the American Sports Education Program (ASEP) is the leading provider of youth, high school and elite-level sport education programs in the United States.

ASEP and Babe Ruth League have designed on-line courses for Babe Ruth League managers and coaches.  All rostered managers and coaches are required to complete coaching education and certification.  Just as players strive to better themselves, Babe Ruth League wants its coaches to be able to take their coaching to the next level.

For further information, please contact Babe Ruth League Headquarters or visit and click on "Coaching Certification."



Musco is proud to be a partner of Babe Ruth League, Inc. as the organization's Official Lighting Company.  As part of the partnership, Musco Lighting annually awards four (4) Babe Ruth leagues with a $15,000 grant that can be used for the installation of a new lightingMusco system or to refurbish an existing lighting system.

Qualifying your league for consideration of a lighting grant is easy.  First, fill out the Lighting Grant Application found on the Babe Ruth League website at  Along with the grant application, you must submit a lighting estimate sheet provided by your local Musco Lighting representative.  For additional information, visit or


Life TouchLifetouch Sports, a division of Lifetouch, Inc., has been capturing precious memories of individuals, families and organizations for almost 80 years.  They photograph more than 50,000 schools across the country and their newly expanded sports division is changing the landscape of team photography.  Already working with thousands of programs just like Babe Ruth League, Lifetouch Sports is delivering PRO quality portraits and products at the highest level of service in the industry.

For further information, please visit, email them at, or to speak with a National League Sport Representative, call 855-485-5173.  Lifetouch Sports looks forward to seeing you at the field and providing memories that last a lifetime.


NuttyBuddy® is proud to be the Official Protective Cup of Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball.

Athletic cups have not seen a significant design change in decades. The NuttyBuddy® is ergonomically designed to fit better and stay in place. It reduces impact more than any other protection system available. It is made of high-impact polycarbonate, which is the same material in bullet-proof glass.

Sports safety and sports safety equipment is becoming more important as the sports we play become more competitive. Having the Nutty Buddy Itemsproper baseball safety protective gear is what influenced NuttyBuddy® to develop this revolutionary athletic cup. Professional baseball player and coach for more than 30 years, Mark Littell, invented the NuttyBuddy®. His entrepreneurial side took over when he learned that nearly 50% of his athletes refused to wear athletic cups leaving them vulnerable to injury. His athletes complained that cups were uncomfortable or restrictive. The NuttyBuddy® protective athletic cup is anatomically shaped to conform to the male body, fully protecting the male anatomy, while allowing the wearer movement with ease while it cradles the anatamoy. And there are more sizes available in the NuttyBuddy® than any other system.

The NuttyBuddy® is the winner of the prestigious IDSA Award and comes with a $10,000 protection warranty.

For further information, please visit Battle Sports Science at or call them at 855-277-6787.



EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS ARE JUST THE BEGINNING.  Only Nationwide gives Babe Ruth League membes an exclusive discount on auto insurance.  As a Babe Ruth League member, you could save with special discounts on auto insurance.

In addition, when you add features like Vanishing Deductible®, you can also take $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving, for a total of $500 in savings.

Call 866-238-1426, visit your local Nationwide agent or go to for further information.

Ab E MBLEM Under Armour Graphic


First AdvantageThe safety, protection and the well-being of our young players is always our top priority.  This is why Babe Ruth League, Inc. emphasizes the importance of your league recruiting the most qualified adults to serve as managers, coaches, board members, and in any other volunteer position, to ensure our participants are able to enjoy a fun and educational experience in a safe environment.

All Babe Ruth leagues are required to conduct nationwide background checks on all managers, coaches, board members, as well as any other persons and volunteers, who provide regular service to the league, and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.  This nationwide search must contain the applicable government sex offender registry data.  A check conducted only in one state will not meet the minimum requirements of these regulations.

Babe Ruth League strongly recommends you team up with First Advantage.  First Advantage is an online volunteer screening service designed for the nonprofit industry.  It offers affordable access to criminal records, identity verifications and other credentialing information with the results of these searches available within minutes.  First Advantage provides innovative, cost effective, background check solutions that help provide a safe environment for the youth we serve. 

For further inforamtion, please visit:


FlipgiveFlipGive is an official online fund raiser for Babe Ruth League.  FlipGive combines the convenience of online shopping with the best of online fundraising.  With FlipGive, you can earn up to 50% for your cause by setting up an online Fundraising Campaign and selling offers such as eGift Cards or eVouchers from local and national retailers.  A contribution is made to your Fundraising Campaign each time an offer is sold via your Fundraising Campaign page.

You can raise money in 3 easy steps:

  • Create your campaign page for FREE - customize it at any time with a picture and description.
  • Build a fundraising team  (team players, coaching personnel, parents, volunteers) - each team member has their own profile to track individual progress and credit accounts - reach your goal faster with more people on your team - for each additional team member, you can raise an extra $100.
  • Sell offers from top brands - Sell via their built-in email tool or by sharing your link on your social networks.  Earn up to 50% when friends help - no distribution required.  

FlipGive is completely free to set up and use for both fundraisers and supporters.  You pay nothing from the moment you create your campaign to the moment you receive payment after your campaign ends.  FlipGive earns its share from its partner retailers NOT from the fundraiser and their supporters.  Retailers pay FlipGive for facilitating each transaction.

For further information or to get started, visit or

Ball Cap Liner

BCL-Final -Logo -11There is a lot of tradition in the games of baseball and softball. Our kids wear their League team hat or their favorite Major League team hat playing the game.  The challenge was to invent a protective liner strong enough, yet almost invisible, to offer additional protection for pitchers, fielders and coaches.

The Ball Cap Liner is thin, yet strong, and is made of a high impact patented visio elastic body armor and space age "metal replacement" technology.  It is fully cool breathable at top and rear of head and has adjustable Velcro straps with a breathable and washable cloth backing.

The Ball Cap Liner:

  • Meets (or exceeds) NOCSAE 029 impact standards for both baseball and softball.
  • Provides substantial protection for typical glancing blow side impacts.
  • Provides complete coverage to vulnerable temple area (BCL with temple protection).
  • Attaches to head under standard cap, not hat, and stays secure during impact tests.
  • Fits easily under adjustable cap or one size larger cap and is not visible or noticeable (BCL without temple protection).
  • Comfortable, lightweight, precision fit and superior ventilation.
  • Incorporates patented "smart rate sensitive" D3O impact technology as used by US Military.

Ball Cap Liner From Spark

For further information visit or   You may also call Spark Innovations toll-free at 1-888-480-3759.


BCL With Temple Protection

According to the Southern Impact Research Center, the authority on impact protection and testing in the US, almost all ball head impacts in baseball/softball are glancing blows, however the temple area is the most vulnerable part of the human body.

BCL Without Temple Protection

In a sport with so much tradition and strict rules such as baseball/softball, we offer the BCL that is completely invisible with no temple protection.

Franklin Sports

Franklin LogoFranklin is the Official Batting Glove of Babe Ruth League, as well as Major League Baseball. Franklin Sports is a family owned and operated company based out of Stoughton, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1946, they are a leader in manufacturing of sporting goods products.

Franklin Sports is proud to offer Custom Batting Gloves to all players and enthusiasts.  For over 30 years, they have offered custom batting gloves to Major League Baseball players.  Based on years of feedback from their customers and the growing demand for customization, they have spent the last year perfecting a custom batting glove website.  This allows anyone to design a batting glove that fits their hands perfectly and their personality.   This site is

Franklin offers two styles of gloves, the CFX Pro and the Pro Classic.  The Pro Classic hasn't been available for 10 years, and they wantedFranklin Glove to bring the glove back in a big way.  Many young players want to wear the same equipment on the field as their Major League idols, and now they have an accessible way to do that.

The Franklin CFX Pro Batting Glove is worn by most Franklin Pros in the majors today.  These gloves are designed to improve performance and increase grip on any bat in all weather conditions.  Floating thumb technology for increased flexibility and adaptability. Neoprene bridge gives added flex across back.  Tectonic fit inserts add flex without bulk.  1-Piece leather palm maintains tactility for a smooth and seamless feel on any bat.  Asymmetrical wristband shapes to wrist.

Visit to customize your own Franklin batting gloves for the perfect fit, feel and style.  Build the best custom baseball batting gloves with personalized sizing, color and style.

For further information contact Babe Ruth Headquarters at 1-800-880-3142 or visit

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