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Park Sharon Opening Day

At some time or another, most parents have looked back and regretted not having photos taken of their children from a memorable event.  They reminisce about the memories, but do not have an image to tell the tale.

There is nothing better than capturing your children on the field at their focused or candid moments.

Have photos of them taken in their natural element as these are the memories that will immortalize their love and commitment to the game.

Have photos taken of the family moments in the bleachers and throughout the ballpark.  These are special moments that will bring the Babe Ruth League experience back to life.

Lifetouch Sports recognizes the importance of preserving precious Babe Ruth League moments and wants to provide all parents with a "picture perfect" season.  

Lifetouch Sports, the official photographer of Babe Ruth League, has been capturing precious memories for almost 80 years.  They photograph more than 50,000 schools across the country and their newly expanded sports division is changing the landscape of team photography.  Already working with thousands of programs just like Babe Ruth League, Lifetouch Sports is delivering PRO quality portraits at the highest level of service in the industry.  And they are helping these programs raise those needed operational funds. 

Lifetouch Sports understands no two leagues are the same.  Enjoy additional customized bonuses to meet your needs.  You call the play.  Experience the Lifetouch difference.  Contact them today, and they will create your ideal program.  Email them at, visit or to speak with a National League Sport Representative, call 855-485-5173. 

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