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Cool-Catcher - Keeping you Cool when they're Throwing the Heat

Babe Ruth League, Inc. is pleased to announce its new partnership with Cool-Catcher.Cool -Catcher 2

Being a catcher in baseball or softball is one of the toughest positions on the field and the heat can take its toll on your catcher. However, there is a new piece of equipment that can help keep your catcher cool and focused on the game.

Cool-Catcher, a revolutionary new product, was designed to help keep a catcher cool on those hot days and during double headers. Cool-Catcher is a cloth product that easily attaches to the rear flexible cavity of a hockey-style mask and it holds a cold gel pack in place while a catcher is beind the plate.

The product was designed after years of watch catchers come into the dugout after an inning behind the plate who were so tired they couldn't even fully enjoy the game. Leagues have used cooling towels...they worked...but only while the catcher was in the dugout between innings.  And sometimes those innings can be short.  

Cool-Catcher is comfortable and self adjusting to always form to the catcher's rear part of the head.

How to use your Cool-Catcher:  Cool-Catcher comes with three (3) soft gel ice packs (non-toxic) and one Cool-Catcher holder.  It is suggested that you keep the gel ice packs in the freezer overnight the night prior to use.  While at the game, keep them in a small cooler with ice.  At the end of each session behind the plate, swap one out for the other so they stay cold.  (Please note that if you need more gel ice packs, they can be purchased from

Cool-Catcher takes keeping your catcher cool behind the plate to a whole another level.  While helping keep the catcher's core temperature down, it helps your catcher stay focused during hot summer days.  

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