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Half a Century and Still Going Strong

Half a Century and Still Going Strong

Babe Ruth volunteers are some of the hardest working individuals out there.  If your child participates in Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball or Babe Ruth Softball, then you owe these dedicated people a lot of appreciation.  These volunteers not only put in countless hours, they also take a true, caring interest in the children they work with.

Volunteering for Babe Ruth may be like a second job, however, it is a labor of love for those who do it.  Some do it to spend more time with their time with their own children.  Some do it to have a positive impact on the lives of other children.  Some do it for the love of the game.  Some do it out of love for the Babe Ruth League program and the benefits it affords the youth of our nation. For whatever reason they volunteer, they are real heroes. 

50 ANNIVOne such volunteer who simply and quietly works behind the scenes is Evelyn Skiendziel,.  Evelyn's involvement with Babe Ruth League covers 50+years, and in an era where change in leadership is often, she continues to carry the BRL mantle.  Evelyn Skiendziel Whether it is a league president, a state commissioner, a regional commissioner or BRL headquarters, they all know they can call on Skiendziel for help and support.

Evelyn started in the Babe Ruth program at age nine, serving as a scorekeeper for her father's (Manny Gouveia) team in the local Clifton, New Jersey Babe Ruth League.  At that time, they didn't let girls play.

When she was old enough, Evelyn coached several teams for the Clifton Babe Ruth League.  In 1975, when her dad was elected Northern New Jersey State Commissioner, Evelyn took on the position of Northern New Jersey Assistant State Commissioner.

In 1991, Evelyn began serving as an Assistant Regional Commissioner for the Middle Atlantic Babe Ruth League program, a position she still holds today.

In addition, Evelyn has been a member of 22 different World Series Task Force covering all age groups.

Professionally, she works for Harris, an electronic warfare defense company, as a Senior Software Engineer.  

Evelyn Skiendziel is truly committed to the leagues and players in the Middle Atlantic Region.  Her experience in the Babe Ruth program has made it personal for Evelyn.  Babe Ruth Headquarters has the utmost respect for Evelyn for her many years of dedicated and tireless service.

Without devoted volunteers like Evelyn Skiendziel, Babe Ruth League would cease to exist, and the ones hurt the most would be the participants.

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