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Host Families are the Hidden Stars

The 16-18 World Series is one of Babe Ruth League’s greatest traditions, marking the culmination of an exciting postseason.  Ephrata, Washington served as host of the 16-18 tourney and will once again host this event in 2017.  Ephrata also hosted the 16-18 World Series in 2011.

During the World Series, over 150 players from the top echelon of the Babe Ruth League program descended on Ephrata, the gateway to the Columbia Basin, for a week of baseball action unrivaled by any amateur league in the nation.  

But where did all of these players stay while they were there?  Enter the host family. 

One of the key features that make every Babe Ruth 16-18 World Series so successful is the Host Family Program, local families who open up their hearts and homes to the players from teams around the country who come to participate in the event.

The Host Parents from Ephrata will tell you that these players become part of their families.  The Host Parents get to meet the players’ parents and siblings, and most of the time; they keep in touch with them for years.  Some have been invited to weddings of former players and others have traveled to see their “adopted kids” play in college, and sometimes, in the pros.

Qualifications for a Host Parent:

  • Big heart and loving family environment.
  • Responsibility for the players while they are residing with you.
  • Provide room and board.
  • Provide transportation to and from practices and games.
  • Provide a new social and cultural experience for the participants.
  • Being there to comfort them should they strike out, miss a catch or their team lose the game.
  • Cheering them on and congratulating their successes as if they were your own children.

The benefits far outweigh the responsibilities.  There is the excitement of new family members.  There is the added enjoyment and fun from supporting and rooting for their player’s team, as well as the thrill of seeing their “adopted child” make a great hit, daring catch or win the game.  Creating friendships that last a lifetime.  And, of course, staying in touch and revisiting with them after they have gone.

The hardest part comes at the conclusion of the World Series when the players leave.  The Host Families get so attached to their new family members that it is really difficult to say goodbye. 

To every Host Family in Ephrata who provided a home-away-from-home for our players, Babe Ruth Headquarters sincerely sends our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

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