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Babe Ruth League, Inc., with more than one million participants worldwide, is truly a BIG LEAGUE. The program is driven by its purpose and mission to teach beyond the field of play and is known for developing positive life skills among its participants.  Babe Ruth League’s tournament trail is more than wins and losses, or trophies that await the champion.  Focus is placed on creating memorable moments and teaching life lessons, as well as engaging our participants in the various social and cultural experiences that are presented. 

There are many dedicated volunteers involved in planning, preparing for and running a success Babe Ruth League World Series.   They work countless hours on a number of fronts, including field preparation, fundraising, securing financial support and sponsorships, arranging for hotel rooms, headquarters space and venues for a banquet and managers/coaches banquet, as well as a host of other responsibilities.  However, there is one “key person” to whom Babe Ruth Headquarters can refer all matters involved with the World Series and that is the Host President.

The Host President supervises and is responsible for all phases of local tournament operation, and serves as a general chairperson over all Division Directors.  Presides at all meetings of the Host Community World Series Committee and Executive Committee; attends the meetings of division and/or committees within divisions to advise and direct where he/she deems necessary.  Final responsibility of this individual is to Babe Ruth League International Headquarters for all details necessary to make this World Series successful.

Babe Ruth League, Inc. sends a genuine thank you to the following Host Presidents and Communities for a job well done:

Mike Cusimano – Jensen Beach/Stuart, Florida

David Banner – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Jeffrey Salamone – Ocala, Florida

Lauren Morris – Aberdeen, Maryland

Joseph Schulz – Ottumwa, Iowa

Daniel Welch – Westfield, Massachusetts

Larry Grondahl – Williston, North Dakota

Randy Boruff – Ephrata, Washington

Thanks again to our host communities for providing our participants and Babe Ruth tourists with an enjoyable and memorable experience.  What a great way to cap off a successful and exciting 2016 season!

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