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Lawrenceburg, Tennessee - 2015 13-15 Year-Old Babe Ruth World Series

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee - Official Site for 2015 13-15 Year-Old Babe Ruth World Series

The plans were made and the paperwork was signed—Babe Ruth League is officially playing its 13-15 World Series in Lawrenceburg in 2015.  “We go through a process of trying to find the right community to host our events, to find the right people, the right baseball people, to find the right community people,” said BRL Vice President Robert Faherty.  “I couldn’t be more confident in where we are going to be in 2015.”Lawrenceburg TN

This will be Lawrenceburg’s third time playing host to the Babe Ruth World Series with the city being the site for the ‘78 and ‘81 16-18 World Series.  The previous World Series were played at Kiwanis’ Flanigan Field; however, new fields are now available at the expansive Bobby Brewer Park.  Plans are underway to even further upgrade Babe Ruth facilities in the Park thanks to the total commitment of financial support from local civic organizations, individual volunteers, local governments, the State of Tennessee’s Tourism Department and the Lawrence County High School Baseball Booster Club.

Lawrenceburg is conveniently located in Southern Middle Tennessee in Lawrence County.  Leisure shopping, dining, gold, theatre, music, festivals are all in Lawrence County.  If you want to venture a bit further, Nashville is just over an hour north and third minutes to the south are The Shoals, the birthplace of Helen Keller and W.C. Handy—and the smallmouth fishing capital of the world along the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama.

Sounds of bat against ball, nets swishing, and the soft thud of tennis balls meeting a racquet echo from the many parks throughout Lawrence County.  Pioneer David Crockett settled in Lawrence County.  Crockett operated a water-powered gristmill and distillery in the area of the county that is now known as David Crockett State Park.  In addition to his businesses, Crockett became one of Lawrenceburg’s first commissioners and justices of the peace.  Crockett became one of Tennessee’s vaunted “Volunteers”, and died in 1936 during the battle of the Alamo.  David Crockett State Park, just outside the city limits of Lawrenceburg, offers recreation for the whole family—dining, biking, boating, camping, swimming, cycling and hiking trails.

Rotary Park, in Lawrenceburg, is a 28-acre recreational complex which contains a youth center with three full-size gymnasiums and a swimming pool. 

“The World Series is just not another pay for play event,” Faherty said.  “This is about an opportunity, especially for the families involved, to have a unique experience to get to know kids from the East Coast to the West Coast.”

To top things off, Lawrenceburg will be commemorating its 60th Anniversary with Babe Ruth Baseball during the World Series this August.  Make sure you are in town to join in on all of the excitement.


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