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There is no substitute for complete knowledge of the rules.  As a member of the Babe Ruth League National Umpires Association, you should make it a point to study the rulebook regularly and make sure you can apply the rules accurately.

Test your knowledge with the following quiz.

  1. In some cases, players can run the bases in reverse order.  True or False.
  2. A player has to hold onto the ball for two seconds for it to be considered a catch.  True or False.
  3. If a pitched ball lodges in the umpire’s or catcher’s mask or paraphernalia, all runners advance one base.  True or False.
  4. After beating out a grounder, the batter overruns first base by about 20 feet.  He comes to a stop in fair territory, turns in the direction of second base and leisurely returns to first base.  Is he liable to be put out?
  5. As the pitcher is about to start his windup, the batter steps out of the batter’s box.  The pitcher delivers a pitch right down the middle and the umpire calls a strike.  Is this proper?  
  6. The hitter strikes out and heads for his dugout, not realizing the catcher has dropped the third strike.  As he enters the dugout, he is alerted to the situation and turns and races toward first.  The catcher retrieves the ball but throws it into right field and the batter winds up at third.  Should he be allowed to remain there?
  7. With one out, there are runners at second and third, the batter flies to center for the second out and, tagging up, the runner dashed home from third.  The other runner runs to third from second and continues home on a wild throw from the outfield.  Then the second baseman claims that the runner left second base before the catch.  The umpire agrees and calls him out.  Does the first run count?
  8. With two out, a triple clears the bases.  The runner who had been on third, however, misses the plate.  After his two teammates score, he returns to touch home.  Seeing this, the catcher calls for the ball and appeals.  What should the umpire rule?
  9. With the bases loaded, the batter lashes a fair ball into the right field corner.  The ball caroms into foul territory and the defensive team’s bullpen catcher picks it up and tosses it to the right fielder.  However, the catcher’s toss goes wild and four runs score.  How should the umpire rule?
  10. In a prearranged surprise play, the pitcher, from the set position, tosses to the third baseman.  Third base is unoccupied, but the third sacker quickly fires to second, retiring a runner there.  Is there anything wrong?

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