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March Madness...For Baseball and Softball

March Madness...For Baseball and Softball

MarchMadness GraphicMost people when they hear the term “March Madness” immediately think of basketball, the NCAA, the Big Dance, or the Final Four. 

However it is during the month of March that a lot of people get madness for baseball and softball.  It is when we are able to let go of our winter blues.  You think we could be satisfied with so many baseball and softball games in a span of eight months.  But it never seems like enough.

March is considered a time of HOPE as every team has a chance of a good season. 

Before you know it, spring will officially be here!  A new season that blooms plants, a brighter attitude...and love...the love of baseball and softball.  It is arguably the best time of the year.

Dads and moms are posting team schedules on the refrigerator.  Some girls and boys may be a bit nervous to be starting a new sport; while others are veterans of the game, eager for another season on the diamond.

The madness in March leads to April when thousands of Babe Ruth leagues across the country hold their Official Opening Day.  Many festivities are planned—team and individual pictures—exhibition games for the young and old alike—great food—raffles, auctions and much, much more!

At Babe Ruth League, it is our HOPE and mission that during 2015 we help our participants strengthen their games, compensate for their weaknesses and build confidence to play the games of baseball and softball—and the game of life—with their eye on the ball and their body in good physical condition.

HOPE happens when opportunity and guidance are present.  Keeping the game fun while teaching the basic fundamentals has always been a primary concern.

Babe Ruth League is mad about our players.  In adopting rules, in establishing standards, and in all planning, our main consideration is what is best for our kids.

Who reaps the most rewards of our madness when it is all said and done?  THE KIDS, who will draw on their experience as they continue to develop a sense of self and set a solid foundation for an enjoyable, productive and successful adulthood.




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