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May is for Mothers

May Is For Mothers

There is no better time than the month of May to talk about the role Mothers play in youth baseball and softball.

President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.  Babe Ruth League, Inc. is proud to recognize all of the moms involved in our program.

In days gone by, mothers were the primary guardians of children – hanging out a window to check on their kids playing stickball in the street or looking into the backyard to monitor a group of youngsters running around home-made bases.

Today, baseball and softball moms are not just our most devoted fans; they hold important responsibilities:

  • Moms serve as money managers – collect fees for registration, fundraising, equipment, team parties, photo day.
  • Moms are the “go-to” person for questions regarding team activities, schedules, brackets, directions.
  • Moms are the keeper of the lists – players’ names, addresses and phone numbers; parents’ home and work numbers; etc.
  • Moms serve as meeting coordinators, whether pre-season or during the season.
  • Moms serve as event organizers.
  • Moms serve as file clerks – keeping a copy of each player’s birth certificate on file.
  • Moms serve as fundraising coordinators.
  • Moms serve as concession stand workers.
  • Moms serve as volunteer coordinators.
  • Moms serve as webmasters – maintaining a team website, posting photos, stats, schedules and other important information.
  • Moms serve as travel agents.
  • Moms serve as car-poolers.
  • Moms serve as nutritionists, making sure kids are armed with healthy snacks and water or a sports drink.
  • Moms serve as scorekeepers and statisticians.
  • And yes, some moms serve as coaches and managers.

Many times it is the moms that provide balance to the athletic family’s life, making sure things remain in proper perspective.  They are considered the missing piece in the youth sports puzzle.  They inspire everyone involved to do more to keep children safe and healthy, to balance competition with cooperation, and to convey that sports are not just a place to showcase the gifted and talented, but a place where all children can make friends, memories and have fun while learning the game and many other valuable life lessons.

Babe Ruth League wishes every “Babe Ruth” mom a very happy Mother’s Day.  In addition, we thank you for taking such an active role in your child’s playing experience.  We are proud to have you a member of our team!


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