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Ode To Opening Day – It Happens Every Spring and It Never Gets Old

There’s one holiday that everyone in the country can celebrate.  It’s that most all-American of days – Opening Day.  Yes, it’s baseball and softball season – Babe Ruth style.

Opening Days 2017It is during the month of April that thousands of Babe Ruth leagues across the country hold their official Opening Day.  Many festivities are planned – team and individual pictures – exhibition games – games for the young and old alike – great food – raffles, auctions and much, much more!  

Babe Ruth League Opening Day also means the smell of cut grass, of parents and kids, side-by-side, year after year.  Of playing catch, the iconic crucible of horsehide pounding leather.  And getting out of school early and feeling special.   

Dads and moms are posting team schedules on the refrigerator.  Some girls and boys may be a bit nervous to be starting a new sport; while others are veterans of the game, eager for another season on the field.

For Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball fans, Opening Day conjures up a myriad of sentiments and sensations that tug close to the heart and delve deep into the mind.  Opening Day is, above all, a day where anything, no matter how improbable, seems possible.  Every team has league pennant dreams in mind and every team has a chance to achieve this goal. 

Babe Ruth League provides an affordable alternative to select baseball/softball and a schedule that will allow families to find time for all the joys of summer. Babe Ruth League is an excellent community partner and provides young athletes the opportunity to play the game in a fun atmosphere. 

Above all else, Babe Ruth Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Softball are for the kids!  In adopting rules, in establishing standards, and in ALL planning, our primary consideration is what is best for the participants.

From humble beginnings to some 65+ years later, the Babe Ruth program now consists of over one million players and close to 1.5 million volunteers. There have been many improvements and enhancements to make Babe Ruth League, Inc. one the best youth programs in the country today. 

BRL President/CEO Steven Tellefsen indicated, “We are excited for the many players and leagues participating in Opening Day festivities.  Baseball and softball are games that have a rich history.  Even before the various local teams started forming, children were taking their bats and balls to the local field to play pick-up games.  The love of the game is something that most kids are simply born with.  Baseball and softball grabbed the heart of America from their first introduction and the youth programs allow the younger generations to love them just as much.  As we officially start the 2017 season, we not only look forward to the excitement on the diamond, but also to the fun and memorable times that will be experienced by our Babe Ruth League communities across the nation.  Remember, win or lose, the kids are just thrilled to play!”

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