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Team Moms Always Go Above and Beyond for the Team!

One of the traditional roles a mother has always played in youth sports is that of Team Mom.  Having a Team Mom doing all the behind-the-scenes work allows the coach(s) to focus on coaching.  Finding a Team Mom with strong organizational skills is a plus for any team.

Here are some of the major responsibilities of a Team Mom:

Administering the financial end of a youth sports team can be a huge responsibility. The Team Mom is often responsible for collecting money from parents for team parties, equipment, fund raising, clinics, season-ending gifts for coaches, and the like.

The Team Mom is the "go-to" person on all questions regarding team activities, fundraising, tournaments, housing, etc. The Team Mom should know the schedule and where to find the tournament brackets, directions, etc.

A team contact list is an important tool to aid in communication and getting to know team and family members. The contact list should include:

  • Player names and jersey numbers
  • Parents' or guardians names
  • Players' siblings names
  • Home address
  • Parents' home and work phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses.

Keep in mind that, if a player has more than one set of involved parents, information for both parents needs to be listed. Since text messaging and email is the easiest and preferred method of communication these days, the Team Mom should create a group text/email listing of all team members and use it regularly in communicating with all team members and their parents.

The Team Mom plans the pre-season meeting attended by at least one member from each family at which the coaching staff presents its goals and expectations for the upcoming season, and answer questions about their coaching philosophy, and where the Team Mom can discuss fundraising and financial matters. The Team Mom should have each player and his or her parents fill out a Prospective Player/Parents Questionnaire during try-outs to obtain contact information and get a feel for the parents' expectations.

At the pre-season meeting, the Team Mom distributes:

  • Player/Parent Expectation Sheet. An information sheet to the parents of new players so they know what is expected of them as a part of their new team. The information sheet should include 1) Background on the team, 2) Club/Player/Family expectations, 3) Financial commitments, 4) Coaching Staff contact information.
  • Codes of Conduct. Each team member and their parents (all involved parents) should be responsible for reading, understanding and signing a Code of Conduct the coaches, manager and Team Mom come up with to outline what is expected of the players and the parents. When they sign this document, it shows that they understand the rules. The Team Mom should be responsible for holding on to these documents for future reference.
  • Consent for Treatment.  This document is something a team might want to consider having on file for each player in case of injury.

The Team Mom should have a copy of each player's I.D. Card (or approved birth document) on hand in case there is a discrepancy.

One of the most important parts of your role as Fundraising Coordinator is to successfully communicate with the parents of the league on how expensive it is to run a local youth baseball and softball league.  It can also be the responsibility of the Team Mom to decide and implement a successful fund raising campaign.  If it weren’t for the efforts of the parents participating in the fundraising programs, as well as the various donations received from sponsors and interested groups throughout the community, youth baseball and softball would not be able to exist in many areas.

Team Moms need to be able to delegate responsibilities to other parents. It is a big job being a Team Mom and that person has to be able to ask other parents for help when and if needed, such as car pooling, bringing water/sports drinks and snacks to games, etc.

Having a league website is a great way to communicate with all members of the league.  Babe Ruth Online, managed by Sports Illustrated Play, features Online Registration, Public Websites, Scheduling, Communication, Statistics, Team & Roster Management, League and Club Stores, and much more.

Making travel arrangements is an important aspect of the Team Mom’s job. Researching the closest facility to the tournament fields, communicating to all the parents the booking requirements for each individual hotel, making sure each family has booked their rooms, keeping a master list of those booked and not booked and canceling the bookings in case there is a problem are all important responsibilities of the Team Mom.

Team Moms are responsible for planning team parties and other special events.  Some suggestions are:

  • Coach’s or team member’s home
  • Local amusement park
  • Bowling Alley
  • Park
  • Pizza Parlor
  • Restaurant

There are many other specifics on a Team Mom’s list, such as cheerleading squad, dug-out duty, concession stand worker, making signs, and yes, even coaching and managing.  However, from handing out schedules, setting up the snack and drink schedule, and sending out e-mails, to keeping player rosters and statistics, and organizing team parties and buying end-of-season gifts, team moms are critical to a successful youth baseball and softball season.

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