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Under Armour and Babe Ruth League - Sun Sense is No Nonsense

Babe Ruth League, Inc. is proud to name Under Armour Eyewear (exclusively developed and manufactured by EyeKing, LLC) as its official sunglasses.  Under Armour’s eyewear styles are designed and engineered to give athletes every advantage throughout the course of a game, practice or workout.  Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Babe Ruth League always recommends that its membership Be Sun Safe.  UVA and UVB rays can cause a bad sunburn and can cause the progressive skin damage that leads to skin cancer. In addition to protecting your child’s skin, wearing sunglasses is essential when you’re on the baseball or softball diamond.  No matter what position you play, eyesight is important for your production and your safety. 

The partnership between Under Armour and Babe Ruth League presents the ideal platform to highlight the importance of young athletes protecting their eyes from harmful UVA/B/C rays.

The new Under Armour Eyewear performance and core styles feature superior lenses that protect players 100% from harmful UVA/B/C rays.  The Under Armour exclusive Armoursight lens is significantly stronger compared to average sports sunglasses.  They are equipped with a lens coating that protects from scratches and messy smudges.  The frames are made with a technology that encourages airflow, so sweat buildup and other uncomfortable roadblocks would be nonexistent.  They are also made with titanium for above average flexibility and strength, therefore the odds of breaking these sunglasses are unlikely.  The adjustable nose-pad guarantees a proper fit as well.

Under Armour eyewear was designed for players who spend many hours outdoors.  They come in many styles that young players want, and that deliver on their joint vision of helping players perform their best under the safest conditions.

Every day – whether it is sunny or cloudy, summer or winter – millions of Americans make the conscious decision not to wear sunglasses or other UV-protective eyewear.  The problem originates with the sun’s unfiltered ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Just as these rays can burn and damage skin cells, they can also harm unprotected eyes.  A full day outside without protection can cause immediate, temporary issues such as swollen or red eyes and hypersensitivity to light.  Years of cumulative exposure can cause cancer of the eye or eyelid and accelerate cataracts, which affect nearly 22 million Americans age 40 and older. 

Under Armour offers the solution to such problems:  Make sure to always wear 100% UVA/B/C protective sunglasses. 

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About Eyeking:
Eyeking, LLC is a fourth generation, award-winning eyewear design firm that develops, markets and globally distributes, private label and licensed eyewear brands.  For more information on Eyeking, please visit ( 

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