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What Does the Game Mean to Me

What Does the Game Mean to Me?


  • It means a young boy or girl sleeping with their mitt on just in case a late-night game breaks out in their dreams.
  • It means closing your eyes and swinging as hard as you can.
  • It means butterflies in the batter’s box of a tight game.
  • It’s praying and trying to make a deal with God that if he lets your team win today you will never ask for another thing again.
  • It is the countless life lessons learned in between those white lines.
  • It means and hot dogs and peanuts and the 7th inning stretch.
  • It’s hearing Babe Ruth’s boisterous approval in every pure crack of the bat.
  • It’s the friendships brought together and carried on for the rest of your life.
  • It means pulling up your socks to emulate the heroes of the past.
  • It means not being able to sleep the night before opening day.
  • It means playing catch with dad or mom.
  • It means getting so caught up that you nearly forgot to breathe.
  • It’s the wonderment in a toddler’s eye the first time he or she sees that shining diamond in person.
  • It means that all you need is a stick and a ball to have the best summer of your life.
  • It means the smell of freshly cut grass on a lazy July afternoon.
  • It’s the selfless act in sacrificing your moment of glory for the good of the team.
  • It means choking up with two strikes and moving the runner.
  • It means t-ball games and the sparkle in a youngster’s eye when they get their first hit.
  • It means fighting tooth and nail for as long as you live to find the fraction of an inch that separates a pop-up from a home run.
  • It means learning from your failures and tipping your cap to the victors.
  • It means getting knocked down, dusting yourself off, and ripping a double in the gap.
  • What does the game mean to me?  In a word:  Everything!

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