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Volunteers Play Major Role at Babe Ruth League World Series

The Babe Ruth League World Series run and rely on volunteers.  Year after year, many volunteers work behind-the-scenes to ensure the World Series run with ease and that a competitive, memorable and enjoyable time is experienced by the participants.

Babe Ruth League, Inc. is proud to recognize the following individuals who served as Host Presidents, members of the Task Force and the umpire crews.

Cal Ripken 10-Year-Old World Series – Hammond, Indiana

Doyle Godbolt, Host President
Tom Wright, World Series Director
Mike Janicki, Task Force
Stephen Drescher, UIC
Jason Corral, Umpire
Aaron Hester, Umpire
Jim Smith, Umpire
Kevin Dado, Umpire
Manny Rosario, Umpire

Cal Ripken Major/60 World Series – Clemmons, North Carolina

Barry Leonard, Host President
Leonard Hammer, World Series Director
Ed Proctor, Task Force
Jimmy Sanders, Sr., Task Force
Chris and Julie Mackie, Media Coordinators
Mike Montecalvo, Press Box Coordinator
Robert Drake, UIC
Jack Queen, Umpire
Marcus Neal, Umpire
Ray Crone, Umpire
Patrick Eldridge, Umpire
Donald Landfried, II, Umpire

Cal Ripken Major70 World Series – Branson, Missouri

Robert Faherty, Host President
Terry Rachiele, Co-World Series Director
Al Solanik, Co-World Series Director
Donna Mahoney, Task Force
Michael Solanik, Media/Press Box Coordinator
Rick Garzillo, UIC
Nicholas Helton, Umpire
Don Myers, Umpire
Kenneth Pennington, Umpire
Chad Hipps, Umpire
Keith Hogue, Umpire
Joshua Wechsler, Umpire
Todd Suman, Umpire

Babe Ruth 13-Year-Old World Series – Mountain Home, Arkansas

Brandy Jordan, Host President
George Lally, World Series Director
Jim Hill, Task Force
Peter McGoey, Task Force
Dillon Conelly, Media Coordinator/Press Box
Larry Cantley, UIC
Wayne Sharpton, Umpire
John Carroll, Umpire
Shane Cook, Umpire
Christian Kidd, Umpire
Billy Drewry, Umpire

Babe Ruth 14-Year-Old World Series – Mountain Home, Arkansas

Dan Schmitt, Host President
John Lucas, World Series Director
Barry Jordan, Task Force
John Tennant, UIC
Dennis Cobb, Umpire
Patrick LaTour, Umpire
Doug Perry, Umpire
Doug Clements, Umpire
Jerry Buresh, Umpire

Babe Ruth 13-15 World Series – Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Alan Betz, Host President
Tim Kuntz, World Series Director
Stephen Hupka, Task Force
Roger Giles, Task Force
Thomas Sewell, UIC
Robert Smith, Umpire
Patrick Moore, Umpire
Jim Mulgrew, Umpire
Tony Procaccini, Umpire
Clint Wright, Umpire

Babe Ruth 16-18 World Series – Ephrata, Washington

Randy Boruff, Host President
Eugene Reynolds, World Series Director
Brent Stenman, Task Force
Steven Smith, Media Coordinator/Press Box
Greg Schoonard, UIC
Brian Strege, Umpire
Jim Burns, Umpire
Ricky Bryan, Umire
Dennis, Duke, Umpire
Jeremy Cranston, Umpire 

Babe Ruth Softball World Series – Jensen Beach/Stuart, Florida

Mike Cusimano, Host President
Rob Connor, World Series Director
Erika Smith, Task Force
Tara Coty, Task Force
Robert Leslie, Task Force
Anthony Tucci, Task Force
Joe Coluccio, Task Force
Andrea Witten, Task Force
Joe David Shields, Task Force
Scott Spurgeon, Task Force
Ralph Errico, Task Force
Joseph Cormier, Task Force
Doug Robinson, Task Force
James Gaudet, Umpire
Harold Searing, Umpire
Bill Bird, Umpire
Frank Gill, Umpire
James Rivers, Umpire
Steve Asta, Umpire
John Caron, Umpire
Mary Eastburn, Umpire
Wayland Stinson, Umpire
Kenneth Shupperd, Umpire
Donnie Bailey, Umpire
Tanner Scott, Umpire
Robert Devereaux, Umpire
Donald Taylor, Umpire
Timothy Bill, Umpire
James Durst, Umpire
Billy Drewry, Umpire
Julio Soto, Jr., Umpire
Robert May, Umpire
Daniel Bates, Umpire
Jerry Cooper, Umpire
David Zwicker, Umpire
Lenny Fox, Umpire
Jeffrey Smeltzer, Umpire
Jimmy May, Umpire
Lee Deen, Umpire
Robert LaChapelle, Umpire
Bill Boynton, Umpire
Angelo Barraco, Umpire
Ben Trawick, Umpire
Zachary Coulter, Umpire
Joe Jackson, Umpire
Tim McMullan, Umpire
Kevin Chubb, Umpire

A special thanks to these individuals and every volunteer that worked countless hours to make the Babe Ruth League World Series a success.

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