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2018 Babe Ruth 14-Year-Old World Series – Eagle Pass, Texas

It’s been a while in the making, but it will soon be happening when Eagle Pass, Texas hosts the 2018 Babe Ruth 14-Year-Old World Series.

Eagle Pass’ team of 15 talented ball players will take to the field to make their mark against the best 14-Year-Old baseball players in the nation, August 9-16. 

Eagle Pass is located in the South Texas Plains region and is right on the United States/Mexican border along the Rio Grande in Maverick County. 

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Eagle Pass is a thriving community with lots of fun things to do.  If you are looking for a place where “Yee-Haw” meets “Ole”, Eagle Pass is the place for you.

Eagle Pass is used as a gateway to Mexico.  Visitors can cross the border to visit their sister city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.  Shop at the Zaragoza Market for the beautiful native crafts or authentic Mexican food and candy, or stroll in old Mexico at the Plazita right in front of the historic church, Santuario de Guadalupe, built in 1859.  Also, Piedras Negras offers the newest attraction:  the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, which combines the three cultures of Maya, Aztec and Olmec. 

If crossing the border is not on your plan of activities, you can still experience a “taste of Mexico” by visiting downtown Main Street in Eagle Pass.  There are tents and blocks of shops all offering a vast array of Mexican-made products.  And the Mall de las Aguilas is just off Main Street, where you will find genuine Mexican clothes, leather goods, ceramics, and more from the old country, along with name-brand merchandise from national retailers. 

For recreation, there are a host of family activities to enjoy.  Take in 18 holes at the Eagle Pass Municipal Golf Course.  Play tennis at one of the numerous courts in town.  Enjoy a picnic or turn the kids loose on one of the many playground units. 

Another great way to enjoy Eagle Pass is by visiting one of its lovely parks.  The city has 16 parks, each with their own unique features, across more than 170 acres of land in total.  Head to the lovely Maverick County Park for a nice walk around the lake where kids can feed the ducks, fish and play on the playground.  Fire up a barbecue pit at March Memorial or Carthage Park, or bust a kickflip at the Burr Skatepark.

Fort Duncan Park is notable for being the home of the Fort Duncan Museum.  Listed in the National Register of Historic places, the museum commemorates the fort and the exploits of the men and women who served there as far back as 1849.  Native American and vintage military clothing, including 19th-century infantry and cavalry hats, antique farming equipment, and captivating black-and-white photos of the area are some of the interesting items you will see while you’re browsing the museum.

And there are plenty of restaurants and food establishments to satisfy everyone’s palate.  You’ll find there’s always Fajitas on the grill and mariachi music in the air in Eagle Pass.