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The Best Players in
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These books were created in order to honor the outstanding players in Babe Ruth League. Selection of players for inclusion in these books is primarily based upon those players who have been named to their league "All-Star" teams for tournament competition. We believe that this is the fairest method of selection because, for the most part, the most outstanding players in Babe Ruth League are those players who in fact have been selected at the local league level to represent their league in tournament competition.

The inclusion of any player in any of these books does not obligate the player of the parents to purchase the book, nor is there any cost or obligation whatsoever to have any such player included in any edition.

The only requirement to be included in any edition is that the player or the player's family complete the Player Data Form and send it back in the return envelope included in the mailing. The families to whom such notification of selection and data forms are sent are the families of those players listed on All-Star rosters which are sent by the leagues to Babe Ruth League Headquarters. Of course, the families have the option to purchase any edition. We can tell you that all of the families which have purchased an edition have been extremely pleased with the concept of these books. Not only are the families and the players happy to have been honored by being included in the book, but they also enjoy having such a beautiful keepsake. The books themselves are beautifully done with richly grained hard covers and beautiful stamping. You can also complete and send in all information requested ONLINE by going to

As indicated, these books are an annual event, so every year the families of the players selected for that year's edition will receive notification of their selection. These mailings to the parents will, as we said before, be based upon the names of players included in local league "All-Star" rosters. So, if you are a player or a member of a player's family who has been included in any such local league "All-Star" team for tournament competition, make sure that your local league's "All-Star" roster is sent in to Babe Ruth League Headquarters.

For more information refer to The Best Players in Babe Ruth League Q&A.

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