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Moments to Remember

The Man I Called Coach - John Stote, Anaconda Sports

I never could get used to calling Ron Tellefsen, Ron. To me, he was special. I idolized himJohnStote from the day I met him. When I would call him Mr. Tellefsen, he would say to me, "Who do you think I am? Your father? Call me Ron."

After getting to know him better and listening to his thoughts and theories, he became my life coach. So I started called him Coach. He liked that.

I would hear from him at least once a week while working late in my office (obviously he was working too). When I would answer my phone, the voice on the other end would say, "Good to see you are still at work, working hard for Babe Ruth League." Then he would call on Saturdays, as well, saying the same thing. It got to the point I would just answer the phone and say hi coach, how are you doing. Then we would both laugh. I truly admired his work ethic and tried to emulate him in my day to day activities. He was the hardest working individual I have ever known.

Everyone around Ron became winners - his family, the Board of Directors and all who worked for him and with him. I made a statement to the Babe Ruth Headquarters staff right before he passed away that he made everyone feel like his best friend. You know what, he meant it!

I really miss Ron...but how lucky for me to have had him in my a business partner, a role model, but most of all as a best friend.

Ron and KidsRon Tellefsen was President/CEO of Babe Ruth League when he passed away on March 5, 2005. He was a visionary leader who motivated people to accomplish the higher realms of human potential and possibility. Ron's love and pride for the Babe Ruth program reigned supreme. Some of his most memorable moments were spent with the Board of Directors, his staff and partners, the volunteers he respected so much, but most importantly, the kids. His paramount objective was that every child be afforded the opportunity to play baseball or softball and have fun doing so. His enthusiasm for youth and youth activities significantly changed the lives, for the better, of thousands of children worldwide.