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We Miss Watching Our Kids Play

During this pandemic, parents are realizing that the next time they get to watch their kids play, they will appreciate it so much more. 

It’s been weeks since most sports parents have been able to watch their kids play their favorite games.  And like all sports parents, they have no idea when they will get to see them play again.

We are living in unprecedented times, at least in our lifetimes, with the global pandemic that is COVID-19.

Senior players are contacting their coaches upset they cannot compete during their final season.  They are reflecting on how much they miss the people, the camaraderie, and going to battle with their teammates. They are talking about their parents, who thought they had a few games left to watch, but now are only left with the realization that it is all over. Did they make every moment matter? Did they savor the final game? What would they do to have one more chance to watch their kids play?

We are reminded by our younger participants how much they miss their friends, and their teammates, and just getting together with their teams to play. They miss not the wins and losses, but the companionship. And parents are reminded how much they miss watching them play.

Parents, during your child’s last game, were you harsh with the critiques, frustrated because they played poorly, upset with the team’s performance? Did you think the game was not much of a contest to the point where you spent time catching up on phone calls and emails, figuring you can watch more of next week’s game?

Only there was no next week. Or the week after that. And who knows how many “next weeks” will be canceled. And today, all you can think is I miss watching them play.

Babe Ruth League, Inc. is more than a game…it is about fun, camaraderie, forging friendships and those valuable life lessons learned on and off the field.  Life lessons for the kids and adults alike. 

Over these next few weeks there will be a lot of hardship and sadness. There are many people who will be struggling with their health, and others trying to keep a business or a family afloat. You must support your leaders, and those on the front lines of this crisis.

Please also reflect deeply upon yourself, and your own coaching and parenting. For in these moments of reflection, imposed upon us by working from home, or staying home to care for our kids, we truly hope we can reflect upon how much we love watching our kids play. And how much we miss it when we cannot. And how much we appreciate the coaches and many other volunteers for providing them the opportunity to play the games they love.

And in the end, who really cares if they play well or not, simply that they have the chance to participate, to try, fail, and try again. And all they really want or need from us is our presence, support and our love. 

We hope that the outcome of this pandemic, at least when it comes to sports, is that we all have the chance to hit the reset button and appreciate what really matters.

Next time we get to watch our kids play; we know we will appreciate it so much more. We will focus more on the fact that they can play, and not how they play. It will be a win simply by stepping on the field. We will savor each and every moment. And most importantly, we will simply love watching them play. 

If we all could focus on that, youth sports will be a better place.

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