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There are few things in life that seem to stick as permanent memories.  People usually remember their first real job, the day they were married, when their children were born.  For those of us who spent our youth battling between the lines of baseball and softball diamonds, our experiences in Babe Ruth League are the ones that last a lifetime. 

As I reflect on all of the incredible things that have occurred in the time the Babe Ruth League organization has been in existence, from the record number of players who now wear our uniform, to the excitement that abounds at our baseball and softball games, it is obvious that Babe Ruth League is truly thriving.

When I think back to my own experiences playing youth sports, it provides me with great memories...but my true passion was really for the game of baseball. As I have always recognized the important role a Coach, and sports, can play in a young person's life, it was a natural fit for me to get involved with Babe Ruth League and the Alumni Association.

The lessons I learned about effort, teamwork and sportsmanship while playing and coaching this great game have stayed with me since those early years. And now to be able to serve as Chairman of the Alumni Association, an organization that fosters those ideals in communities across the nation, is truly something special.

Staying connected through experiences in the Babe Ruth League program is a simple but powerful bond and provides the opportunity to reflect on the many great times had by all of us. 

The Alumni Association places a strong emphasis on affording every child the opportunity to play baseball or softball and providing them with valuable life lessons to be successful in life, both on and off the field.

While financial contributions are appreciated and needed to support the goals and mission of the Alumni Association, we recognize alumni as a talent pool and not a money pot.  Just imagine if the Alumni Association could harness the total population of alumni behind a mission and not just one at a time—how powerful and inspiring that would be for the benefit and wellbeing of our young participants. 

This is your Alumni Association.  Please join your fellow Babe Ruth League alum in exploring and participating in dynamic programs and events to not only add to your great memories but to also enhance the experience of our participants and prepare them for success later in life.

Together, we can leave a legacy for future ballplayers for many years to come. I am confident the best days lie ahead for Babe Ruth League as we work to make a positive impact on the lives of our players and the communities they live in.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Mark Watkins, Chairman
Babe Ruth League Alumni Association Advisory Board