American DivisionNational Division
Eau Claire, WI (OVR) Waterford, CT (NER) Meridian, MS (SWR) Sarasota, FL (SER)
West Fargo, ND (MWP) Mifflin County, PA (MAR) Pearl City, HI (PSW) Spokane, WA (PNW)
Ottumwa, IA (HOST) Davenport, IA (IA)

In August of 2016 Ottumwa, Iowa will host the 2016 Babe Ruth 13-Year-Old World Series. This event will serve as a gateway of experiences for many first time visitors, inspiring large numbers to make plans for subsequent trips and vacations to the area and region. Ottumwa is proud to welcome the World Series to the community.

Since the late 1800s, various levels of baseball have been played in Ottumwa. Ottumwa has a long standing tradition of baseball. The Ottumwa Babe Ruth League has been a chartered member of Babe Ruth League, Inc. since 1952.

All of the World Series Games will be played at the Ottumwa Youth Baseball Complex in Greater Ottumwa Park. Ottumwa is proud of its park system which consists of hundreds
of acres inside the city limits.

Ottumwa... the name means place of perseverance and land of rippling waters. Ottumwa embodies the westward expansion of the United States, plentiful game, good fishing, and the river’s rippling waters. These qualities enticed Iowa’s most famous chiefs, Wapello, Keokuk, and Appanoose, to settle here.

Ottumwa is a city in, and the county seat of, Wapello County, Iowa. Located in southeastern Iowa, the city is split into northern and southern halves by the Des Moines River. Ottumwa is a rural area, but one that should never be overlooked. It is charming, quaint, beautiful, and jam packed with things to do and places to go. 

Ottumwa is growing and thriving. New businesses continue to open and expand, preserving Ottumwa’s place as a regional economic center. With very active civic arts groups as well as sports and leisure activities.