Donor Recognition

Every gift to the Babe Ruth League Alumni Association enriches the experience of the children who participate in the Babe Ruth program. Each gift is vitally important to our ongoing mission. And each gift is deeply appreciated.

Thank you to the following individuals/organizations who contributed to the Alumni Association:

Joseph Cormier

Joseph McCaskill

Louis J. Valentic

Roger Giles

Don Rose, Jr.

Norm Travis

Luff Family

Janet and Philip Haber

Central Indiana Babe Ruth Leagues

Northern Arkansas Babe Ruth Leagues

Mississippi Babe Ruth Leagues

South Texas Babe Ruth Leagues

Bentonville Arkansas World Series Committee

Southern Arkansas Babe Ruth Leagues

Bill Pullan

Bob and Marge Dickson

North Dakota Babe Ruth Leagues

William Slifkin

Margaret and Richard Olhoffer

Southern Illinois Babe Ruth Leagues

Tennessee Babe Ruth Leagues

Tim and Patty Kuntz

Chevron Corporation

Marvin Collier

Peter Botto

Gary Luquette

Norm Messier

Russell and June Diethrick

Nancy and Robert Faherty

Southern Indiana Babe Ruth Leagues

NiSource Charitable Foundation

Charles Grantz

Robert and Alice McGlone

Allen and Helen Hinshaw

Patrick Egan

Donald W. Clarke

William and Patricia Loocke

O'Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl

Alabama Babe Ruth Leagues

Allan and Leslie Dressel

Kathleen Rehmert

Daniela Bottoni

Brogan Tennyson Group, Inc.

Beth Patla

Norwood Sr. Babe Ruth League (CT)

Eastern Massachusetts BRL 

David Hargrove

Frank Rocca

Rich Gross

Pennsylvania Cal Ripken Baseball

Michael Atkins, Sr.

Al Solanik

Scott Crawford

Wayne Stutzman

John and Judith Coogan

Jeffrey Brosseau

Edward & Jeanne Culbert

Harris Corporation

Michael & Andrea Prentiss

Michael & Delores Haddad

Frank A. Godchaux, III

Michael C. Bain

Randall Lege

Jarl Opgrande

Sam Theriot

William Young

Christman Roofing

Robin C. Woods

Nationwide Insurance

Theresa Cleary

Alan Kass

Peter and Marilyn Strus

Annette and John Skiendziel

John Mieczkowski

Charles Driben

Susan and William Kline

Ken and Amy Meyers

Kevin Cormier

Heather Marie Allen

Randy Smith

Debra Lally

Robert Wilford

Bruce Dahlin

Todd Corrow

Moe Webb

Brett Allmaras

Jimmy's Old Tavern - Herndon, VA

Bentonville Babe Ruth League - Arkansas

Connecticut Babe Ruth Leagues

Tara McLennan

Michael Bain

Carla & William Snyder

Dan Neri

Jacki Sullivan

Ted Coffee

Carl Watanbe

Ajay Athavale

John Tennant

Alan Odenborg

Bob Willis

Alberta Babe Ruth Leagues

Clint Champagne

Jude Champagne

Nebraska Babe Ruth Leagues

James Rivers

Moe Webb

Anthony Fontana, Jr.

Shane Weinmann

Coventry Babe Ruth League

Nancy Johnson

Kathleen Renda

James Wagoner

Just Give Organization

Ken Paulson

Hal Brady

George Lally

Gord Welbourne

Western North Carolina Babe Ruth Leagues

Northern Illinois Babe Ruth Leagues

Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues

Louisiana Babe Ruth Leagues

East Texas Babe Ruth Leagues

Utah Babe Ruth Leagues

Jim Hill

Marjorie Wright

Northern Indiana Babe Ruth Leagues

Marge Caprio

Douglas and Niomi Krzystowczyk

Stephen Hupka

East Kentucky Babe Ruth Leagues

Henry Sermons

Randy Boruff

Cheryl Wilson and Midwest Market Team

Roy and Loretta Himel, Jr.

Pacific Northwest Region

West Kentucky Babe Ruth Leagues

Tom Steele


Industrial & Oilfield Services

Robie's Food Center

Kenneth and Dana Pennington

North Dakota Babe Ruth Leagues

Steven Tellefsen

Margery Inteso

Colonial Charters Mens Golf Association

Lehigh Valley Cal Ripken League (PA)

Leonard and Britta Hammer

Morris and Dora Lisbon

George R. Burke

Western Massachusetts Cal Ripken Leagues

George B. Simonka

Nanette and Ben Cassell

Thomas and Mary O'Connor

Peggy Grimes

Richard & Sharon Mackesy

Sandra Eldridge

Central California BRL

Tuckahoe Youth BRL (New York)

Paul Unrau

Larry Grondahl

Michael Caudillo

Paul Canalori

John Pearson

Bill Dal Porto

Jason Northup

Donna Mahoney

Charles and Wilma Francis

Don Mathes

Steven & Elizabeth Klein

Doug "Hawk" Erickson

Jim Rivers

Mark & Tonja Cunningham

Steven & Joan Achee

Kenneth Sample

Glenn Lege Construction

Christopher Stevens

Sarah Bourgeois

Joseph Bouligny

Midwest Plains Babe Ruth Leagues

Tim Bell

Mark Watkins

Rob and Sabina Featherston

Mike Hrina

Lou Pontes, Jr.

Jane Johnston

Lions Club of Maple Shade, NJ

Anthony Castagna

Seth T. Coughlin

BRL of Virginia

Ken Meyers

Maggie Moron (Kivvit)

James Norsworthy

Mike Lutz

Jason Bandy

Nelies Dugas

Charlie Roth

Shane Weinmann

Audi Bethesda (Maryland)

Ramona Bowling

Florida Babe Ruth Leagues

Treasure Coast Athletic League

Patricia and Daniel Burger

Jon Chapman

Mike Caudillo & Tara McLennan

Wendy Winters

Gary Boyer

Regan Ackerman

Denae Dolde

Andrew Johnson

Justim Tromp

Connecticut Cal Ripken Leagues

Connecticut Babe Ruth Softball Leagues

Frederic & Joyce Rather

Debra and Don Anderson

Steven and Sandra Qualizza

Minnesota Babe Ruth Leagues

Jeffrey Gould

Cynthia Radtke

T.J. Stewart

Jerry Evans

Francis Lee Smith