For Immediate Release                                                                             

Date: March 9, 2023                                                                                  


Hamilton Township, NJ - Babe Ruth League, Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Daniela Bottoni to the position of National Commissioner for Babe Ruth Softball. Daniela will oversee the adherence to the Official Rules of Softball, while also focusing on league retention and recruitment. Additionally, Daniela will continue to oversee the Babe Ruth Softball and Invitational Cal Ripken World Series events.

"Everyone at Babe Ruth League, Inc. is thrilled to have Daniela Bottoni as our National Commissioner of Softball," said Steven Tellefsen, President/CEO of Babe Ruth League, Inc. “Her commitment to providing young athletes around the world the opportunity to play the great game of softball and learn valuable life lessons, is an asset to our membership. We’re excited to see the program grow under her leadership."

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Daniela became a member of Babe Ruth League, Inc. in 2012, when she joined the help desk team and provided support to our call center. In 2014, she was promoted to Ohio Valley Region Service Representative, where she played a critical support role for leagues and commissioners within that region. In 2015,  Daniela began working alongside Vice President of Operations Rob Connor on coordinating logistics and support for the Babe Ruth Softball World Series as it expanded from two divisions to six by 2015. Her success in the Babe Ruth Softball World Series lead to her assisting with the four Cal Ripken Invitational World Series that started in 2018.

Bottoni commented, "As someone who grew up playing this great game of softball, I feel privileged to be able to oversee our softball program with my in-depth understanding of the sport. Having played softball in the past has given me numerous valuable experiences that I can draw upon in my role. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute to the growth of Babe Ruth Softball."

When she's not at Babe Ruth League, Inc., Daniela enjoys coaching her family members basketball and softball teams. She currently resides in Ewing, NJ.