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Memory3With more than 2 million living alumni and participants, there are plenty of stories to tell about participating and volunteering in the Babe Ruth League program. The Babe Ruth League Alumni Association wants to tap into alumni memories and current experiences to share with the world.

Did you meet your spouse during a Babe Ruth League game? Did a coach's advice turn your career path into a new direction? Did a particular game performance become a turning point in your life? Did you acquire new values while participating in the program? Do you have fond memories of a Babe Ruth League special function or event?

Babe Ruth League baseball and softball are about life and how many gifts can come as surprises. Playing the game helps kids develop friendships and a sense of community. Do you remember the camraderie between you and your teammates? Kids love learning and playing the game with friends. Do you remember sitting in the bleachers with your teammates, sharing an order of french fries, and watching your other friends play a game against other friends?

Hearing about how Babe Ruth League has changed over the years is fascinating. Hearing about how the program has changed your life would be inspirational to alumni, current players and volunteers.

There are defining moments in our lives all of which contribute to the collective part of our being. The Alumni Association is looking for those memories of your defining moment. We are looking for recent memories, as well as those from decades ago.

Ron and MVPsWe also welcome any stories and photographs you wish to submit to honor a special alumnus or remember someone who is no longer with us.

Please share your favorite Babe Ruth League memories, stories and photos. Email all stories and photos to Theresa Cleary at

Stories and photos will be included in future Diamond Legacy Magazines and featured on the Alumni website.

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