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The Babe Ruth League Alumni Association partners with companies and organizations that demonstrate exemplary value in their services and products.  These partnerships are formed after a careful vetting process to ensure that a partner reflects the quality and excellence our membership expects.

The Babe Ruth League Alumni Association gratefully thanks the following sponsors and partners for their support. Partnerships with sponsors are vital to the success of the Alumni Association and without their generous help, the Alumni Association would not be able to accomplish its goals for the youth and adults who participate in Babe Ruth League, as well as the members and friends of the Alumni Association.

We urge all members of the Babe Ruth League community to support the products and services of our very kind partners.

BSN Sports 

BSN Sports is the Official Supplier of Babe Ruth League and the Alumni Association. They are proud to provide the best prices and the best services that only the official supplier can provide. BSN Sports helps league programs raise money in the off season and save money on their equipment and uniform purchases in season.

BSN's products and resources provide the BRL membership with more selection, convenience and better service, as well as with a large sales force with the best of both worlds - the pricing and selection of a large volume dealer with the personalization and convenience of a local sales representative.

As always, BSN Sportss offers payment terms to help leagues "gear up" during rough economic times.  For further information, contact them directly at 1-800-327-0074.


Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide is on your side!

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