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American DivisionNational Division
Eau Claire, WI (OVR) Pitsfield, MA (NER) Brazos, TX (SWR) Sarasota, FL (SER)
Fargo, ND (MWP) West End, PA (MAR) Westchester, CA (PSW) Glacier, MT (PNW)
Lawrenceburg, TN (HOST) Giles County, TN (ETN)

Lawrenceburg will celebrate its 60th Anniversary of Babe Ruth Baseball in August of 2015. Lawrenceburg will host its 3rd World Series in 37 years as the Babe Ruth 15 year olds return to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. There are few small towns in the USA that rival the Babe Ruth Baseball heritage of Lawrenceburg, TN. The community has twice played host to the Babe Ruth World Series which was ably sponsored and coordinated by the local Kiwanis Club. Numerous Babe Ruth state tournaments at various age levels have been played in Lawrenceburg.

The previous World Series were played at Kiwanis’s Flanigan Field, however, new fields are now available at the expansive Bobby Brewer Park. Plans are underway to even further upgrade Babe Ruth facilities in the Park thanks to the total commitment of financial support from local civic organizations, individual volunteers, local governments, the State of Tennessee’s Tourism Department and the Lawrence County High School Baseball Booster Club.

The popularity of Babe Ruth Baseball in Lawrenceburg and the intense enthusiasm growing in anticipation of hosting the 15 year old World Series remain with Players and their families. Another element of excitement for local fans is the past performance of the Lawrenceburg All Stars that will likely form the roster for the 2015 host team. In 2013, the Lawrenceburg 13-year-old All Stars won district, state and Southeast Regional Championships before posting a runner-up finish in the 13-year-old World Series in North Dakota. Part of this group’s coaching staff is Lawrence County Native David Weathers who enjoyed a 20- year Major League career as a relief pitcher, finishing in the Top 10 all-time in number of game appearances and playing on two Major League Baseball World Series teams. Prior to his Major League Career Weathers’ played senior Babe Ruth Baseball.

Lawrence County is conveniently located in Southern Middle Tennessee, just 30 minutes from Interstate 65 and within 75 miles of Interstates 40 and 24. Leisure shopping, dining, golf, theatre, music, festivals are all in Lawrence County. If you want to venture a bit further, Nashville is just over an hour north and thirty minutes to the south we have The Shoals, the birthplace of Helen Keller and W.C. Handy – and the smallmouth fishing capital of the world along the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama.

Sounds of bat against ball, nets swishing, and the soft thud of tennis balls meeting a racquet echo from the many parks throughout Lawrence County. Pioneer David Crockett settled in Lawrence County. Crockett operated a water-powered gristmill, and distillery in the area of the county that is now David Crockett State Park. In addition to his businesses, Crockett became one of Lawrenceburg’s first commissioners and justices of the peace. Crockett became one of Tennessee’s vaunted “Volunteers”, and died in 1836 during the battle at the Alamo. David Crockett State Park, just outside the city limits of Lawrenceburg, offers recreation for the whole family. This 1100 acre park offers biking, boating, camping, swimming, cycling and hiking trails that winds throughout the park, past picnic areas, through the covered bridge past the ruins of the Crockett dam. David Crockett State Park also offers a beautiful restaurant overlooking 40 acre Lindsey Lake. Rotary Park, in Lawrenceburg, is a 28-acre recreational complex maintained by the city of Lawrenceburg and the Rotary Club. Located on the Rotary Park grounds is a youth center with three full-size gymnasiums, swimming pool. The Burke Park and the Dr. M.H. Weathers Memorial Park in Loretto provide recreational opportunities for the youth of South Lawrence. Golf, tennis, softball, swimming and baseball are a few activities offered in the park.

Throughout the early 1900s James D. Vaughan transformed Lawrenceburg into America’s undisputed capital of Southern Gospel Music. While in Lawrenceburg visit the James D. Vaughan Museum for a glimpse at the roots of Southern Gospel Music and the man that founded this unique musical style. The James D. Vaughn Festival attracts southern gospel music lovers from around the country.

In 1944 the Old Order Amish established a community in Northern Lawrence County, farming and practicing skilled crafts. Lawrence County is blessed with a large Amish Community. While our Amish neighbors value their privacy, tours of their beautiful farm country are available. You’ll also find Amish crafts, quilts, artisan, furniture, and seasonal fruits and vegetables all year. They continue to practice their simple life today and one of the county’s main tourist attractions.

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