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Marius D. Bonacci


     Born in Spoleta, Italy in 1903,  Mr. Bonacci came to America in 1908.  He and his family founded and operated the AAA Trucking Corporation and, at the time of his death in 1965, held the position of Vice President.

     Mr. Bonacci was a member of the following organizations:  Downtown Athletic Club, N.Y; National Association of Traffic Clubs; Traffic Club of N.Y.; Newark, N.J. Transportation Fraternity; Italian American Sportsmen's Club, Trenton; V.F.W. 3525 Booster Club, Hamilton Township; and Babe Ruth League of Directors.

     In 1951, a group of men dedicated to the youth of America met in a suburb of Trenton, New Jersey, and formed what became the very first Babe Ruth League. This group of men eventually agreed to name Marius D. Bonacci as the "founder" of the program which was initially registered under the name Little Bigger League. The program was renamed in 1954 when Claire Ruth, Babe Ruth's widow, who had learned of the merits of the organization and its tremendous growth, met with the administrators. She subsequently gave the organization permission to change its name to Babe Ruth League. She has been quoted as saying, "Babe Ruth was a man who loved children and baseball; he could receive no greater tribute than to have a youth baseball program named after him.

Mr Bonacci was inducted into the Babe Ruth League Hall of Fame in 1968.


1968 - Marius Bonacci

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