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Mickey Lolich


    Michael "Mickey"  Lolich was born September 12, 1940 in Portland Oregon.  He played Babe Ruth Baseball in Portland in 1955 and 1956.  In 1956 he was awarded the Outstanding Player for his performance at the Babe Ruth World Series in Austin, Texas.  At 14 years old he pitched 12 innings against the team that eventually won the World Series. 

     Mickey made his debut to professional baseball with the Detroit Tigers in 1968.  His career spanned to the Padres and Mets before his final game in 1979.

     He attributed his success in professional baseball to his participation in Babe Ruth Baseball and cited that those were the greatest experiences he had in all his years in baseball.

     Mr. Lolich was inducted into the Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame in 1970.

1970 - Mickey Lolich

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