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Oscar Twillman


Baseball was the life of Oscar Twillman, who lost a bout with cancer in the summer of 1970. Oscar "Mr. Baseball" Twillman served in several capacities, including Missouri State Director, a position he held from 1964 until his death. In only two years, he became Missouri State Commissioner for the 16-18 division when it came to be. This was an easy nomination seeing that he funded and sponsored the 16-18 program in his area when other financial support was lacking.

His awards and achievements range from Boonville Coach of the Year, Daily News Traveling Trophy, Civic award of Interest, Community Service plaque, Lions' Club certificate of appreciation, and most importantly a spot in the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame, an honor few people had received at the time.

Twillman was a local hero in Boonville. He managed teams in the 1964 and 1969 Midwest Plains Regional Tournaments, and took the Boonville club to the '64 World Series in Woodland, California. Oscar maintained a career that was stripped short, all starting as a groundskeeper in the early 1950's. It takes a large heart, and dedication to get the nickname "Mister Baseball."

Mrs. Twillman was presented with a plaque representing Oscar's famous career with Babe Ruth Baseball, ending with a Hall of Fame award in 1972.

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