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William Williams


Dr. Williams first became associated with the world-wide teenage baseball program with the Stratford Babe Ruth League in 1954, and during his active association, he served as Connecticut State Director and New England Regional Director, before being elected to the International Board in 1960.

While a member of the governing body of the program, Dr. Williams served on the Executive Committee, World Series Committee and chaired the Publications and Public Relations Committee, and the Hall of Fame Committee.

Bill Williams was known for his devotion, dedication and effort to the success and furtherance of Babe Ruth Baseball, not only in Connecticut, but around the country. He is highly respected as a war hero, serving in the U.S. army through World War 1 in Europe, a Babe Ruth Baseball Hero, and most importantly, a hometown hero.

Dr. Williams was elected in the Hall of Fame in 1974.



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