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John "Sharkey" Laureno


Sharkey devoted over 30 years work with the Stamford, Conn youth sports. Particularly was his dedication to the boys baseball program.

     Born in April 23, 1912; he worked for the Postal Service for 33 years till his retirement in 1972.  He worked with youth baseball, basketball, and football but his greatest contribution was as one of the originators of the American Babe Ruth League and the Senior Babe Ruth League.

     He brought Stamford teams to the World Series in 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1964 where the won 3 World Championships.  His commitment to the youth went far beyond the competitive aspect and he constantly spent countless hours working with the kids to keep them "on track".  His success is apparent in that many of his players went on to successful careers both in and out of baseball.

     John "Sharkey" Laureno was inducted into the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame in 1975.

1975 - John Sharkey

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