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Manuel Azevedo


      Manuel Azevedo was recognized for his unselfish commitment to the Babe Ruth Baseball program of Northern, California.

     His devoted service spanned a 16 year period that began as a voluntary manager for a team in a newly established league, until a permanent manager could be found. Rushing home from work, Manuel traveled 36 miles round trip for a two year period before a replacement could be found.

     He served as a League President, Treasurer, and player agent while accepting an appointment and serving as a District Director resulting in a combined service lasting 12 years. His award of Assistant State Director, a position he held for 4years, awarded by State Director Jerry Tresca, Sr. found significant growth in the North California Babe Ruth Baseball program directly attributed to his individual efforts.  He resigned in 1970.

      Manuel Azevedo was inducted into the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame in 1975.

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