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Clifford Corner


Babe Ruth League President/CEO Steven Tellefsen said," Cliff Conner has been involved with our program for over 25 years.  He is a very dedicated volunteer and plays a major role in the success the organization enjoys today.  It is a proud moment to have a person of his caliber inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Conner, formerly of the Trenton area, became affiliated with Babe Ruth Baseball in its inception in 1951 as a member of the International Board of Directors. He also served as Financial Chairman; Third, Second and First Vice President and International President in 1959-60. In addition to these positions, he served on the Board's Executive Committee as Treasurer.

A graduate of Trenton State College, Conner completed graduate studies at Temple University and Rutgers University.

Conner was also very involved at the local league level as President, Vice President and Commissioner of the Lawrence Township, New Jersey Babe Ruth League. He even managed a team in this league, one of the most memorable Babe Ruth League, The Little Bigger League. A charter started for youth baseball players coming out of Little League with no where to turn. It was simply a 13-15 year old league in the first year, with Coca Cola as a sponsor. The league expanded nationwide in just one year, and the first Babe Ruth World Series was held in Trenton.

Cliff Conner, considered a pioneer of the Babe Ruth League, helped established the Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame in 1968, only to soon be inducted himself, years later, in 1985.

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