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Ted Kuehner


Babe Ruth League President/CEO Steven Tellefsen said, "Ted Kuehner has been involved with our program for over 20 years.  He is a very dedicated volunteer and plays a major role in the success the organization enjoys today.  It is a proud moment to have a person of his caliber inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Ted Kuehner was always eager to help Babe Ruth Baseball in any way he could. Not only was he active in umpiring, he also did many broadcast of the games over the radio. Ted wrote for one of the local newspapers in Wheatland, Wyoming. He was very dedicated to helping the program grow and prosper, as well as helping the youth of Babe Ruth. Ted began umpiring in the 1960's, umpiring at local, district, and state levels. In 1979, he was appointed as Acting State Umpire In Chief. Kuehner held that position until he was forced to resign in '85 because of health issues. Ted "TK" Kuehner passed away that year at the age of 45. His devotion to umpiring, and Babe Ruth as a whole, will never be forgotten.

With the seeing eye girls by his side,

Each play by play he will decide.


He will know all the players too,

And everyone will know TK when the game is thru.


He will tell the stories from the Moose and Wheatco,

And we will all have fun when TK steals the show.


We will mis him through until then,

When we're all together again.

Until that time we will just have to reminisce,

About the guy named Teddy, who we all will miss.


I just can't wait for my ticket to the game,

When we will all be together in the same.

And I know if there are sports in heaven,

TK will be calling the game!

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