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Fred (Wimpy) Quinn


Babe Ruth League President/CEO Steven Tellefsen said, "Fred Quinn has been involved with our program for over 38 years.  He is a very dedicated volunteer and plays a major role in the success the organization enjoys today.  It is a proud moment to have a person of his caliber inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Fred Quinn is one of the pioneers of Babe Ruth Baseball. In the spring of 1956, he helped start the first two leagues in Idaho, Wallace and Kellogg. He served as a manager of a Wallace team for 6 years.

Fred was elected the state director of Idaho in 1958, and served in that capacity until 1962 when he moved to Oregon to be the state secretary. In only a year, he became assistant district commissioner, only to take over the actual district commissioner position in a year or two.

For Fred, there was nowhere to go but up. He served as the Northern Oregon Assistant State Commissioner, where he held charge over the 13-15 year old program of the state, which he held up and through 1994.

Fred Quinn worked under Jim Lemp as Assistant State Commissioner in the 80's. Lemp immediately jumped on Fred's nomination, "If anyone deserves to be elected to the Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame, Mr. Quinn would certainly be at the top of the list in my book. Fred is one of those people that make Babe Ruth Baseball what it is today. His untiring devotion as a Leader and his Love for the game of baseball has proven without a doubt, and this man cannot be passed up as a nominee. He must be elected."

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