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Arthur Arbuthnot


Babe Ruth League President/CEO Steven Tellefsen said, "Warren Arbuthnot has been involved with our program for over 34 years.  He is a very dedicated volunteer and plays a major role in the success the organization enjoys today.  It is a proud moment to have a person of his caliber inducted into the Hall of Fame."

In 1962, Warren established and coached in the Crowley County Babe Ruth League. From 1962 until 1970, he served as President of the Sante Fe League. Here, he continued his coaching career. Warren's rise through the offices of the program was rapid. He served as Colorado District Commissioner from 1970 through 1972. He served as Colorado State Commissioner from 1979 until 1985 when he became a Midwest Plains Assistant Regional Commissioner; a position held through 1998.

His organization and ability to motivate can best be recognized through his accomplishments as Colorado State Commissioner. Both the Bambino and 13-Prep programs were established in Colorado during those years.

Warren's personal character and demeanor have done more to define excellence than any set of guidelines. He never gives less than the maximum effort. He displays the highest level of integrity and never compromises the program. No task is too small that it escapes Warren's total dedication.

Even with his full-time commitment to Babe Ruth, Warren has managed to be a prominent Community leader. He has been a School Board Member and continues to tirelessly serve his Church and civic organizations.

Warren joins more than 100 individuals and organizations who have been awarded the honor of being inducted into the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame.

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