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John MacLaughlin


Babe Ruth League President/CEO Ron Tellefsen said, "John McLaughlin has been involved in Babe Ruth League, Inc. for more than 46 years.  He is truly a Babe Ruth 'Hall of Famer'."

John (Jack) B. McLaughlin served as President of the Leominster, Massachusetts Babe Ruth League for 46 years.  He was responsible for all aspects of the Babe Ruth program in Leominster.  Jack ran the league like a business.  Although his main concern was always for the kids, he continually worked to make the league bigger and better.  Jack ran all the meetings and worked with all involved to create local by-laws and rules.  He was instrumental in getting surrounding towns and cities to enter into the Leominster Babe Ruth League.  Under his leadership, the league developed a great facility that began with one field.  Under his direction and fund raising efforts, they were one of the few fields to have lights installed.  Jack was responsible for purchasing land from the State and more fund raising to build a second lighted field at the facility.  He was also responsible for the building of a new concession stand and meeting place complete with offices and equipment rooms.  Current Leominster BRL President Mark LaPrade said, "Jack was always a professional.  He was extremely focused on making Leominster the best league.  He was driven to provide the area youth with the best facility, the best coaching and the best program.  He was always friendly and spent countless nights and seasons at the field and became known as Mr. Babe Ruth to all the area youth."

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