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Dan Perella


Babe Ruth League President/CEO Ron Tellefsen said, "Dan Perella served Babe Ruth League, Inc. for 40 years.  His most enjoyable times were when he was able to watch a youngster play the game and have fun."

Dan started the Stamford American Babe Ruth League in 1973 as a manager.  He continued to serve the league as a manager until being elected as League President.  In 1989, the league merged with two other Babe Ruth leagues in Stamford.  Perella remained League President for all three Stamford leagues until his recent death. 

As a manager, he was always there to help his kids, financially, spiritually, and any other way possible.  He was even available at all times for the parents and other coaches.

During his reign as President, the Stamford Babe Ruth Leagues grew to over 500 participants.  Perella's motto was every child plays, no matter what.  Dan was also very instrumental in bringing many tournaments to Stamford, including two World Series.

Many kids and parents nick-named Perella "Father Danny" as he was very involved in the church and was always there to talk, listen and counsel.

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