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Rosemary Schoellkopf



Rosemary Schoellkopf

Executive Vice President/CFO

Babe Ruth League, Inc.


Rosemary Schoellkopf began her professional career with Babe Ruth League, Inc. in 1982 as Administrative Assistant.  In 1984, she was promoted to Secretary/Treasurer and made a Corporate Officer.  In 1990, Ms. Schoellkopf was promoted to Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer, the title she held until being promoted to Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer in 1997.  Ms. Schoellkopf also holds the title of Corporate Secretary.


As the Corporate Secretary, Ms. Schoellkopf was responsible for the charter, seal, trademarks and records of the Corporation and kept the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee.  As the CFO, she has charge of and responsibility for all funds and securities of the Corporation, budgeting and accounting practices, insurance matters and works closely with the certified public accountants with annual tax filings and the annual financial audit.    


As the Executive Vice President, Ms. Schoellkopf worked in conjunction with the President/CEO in establishing personnel policies, insurance negotiations, record keeping, legal maters, supporting and participating in all Headquarters sponsored events and attendance at meetings and events as required by the President/CEO.


Ms. Schoellkopf's professional approach and dedication to Babe Ruth League, Inc. has been reflected in her positions with the Corporation.  Her astute leadership and sharp business acumen has been an asset to Babe Ruth League, Inc.  Her "can do" philosophy where she applies a natural ability to assess issues, pinpoint key areas of insight and deliver effective results has played a vital role in the success the program enjoys today.


Ms. Schoellkopf's personal integrity and commitment to our nation's youth has played a supportive role in helping the Babe Ruth program become a program that enriches the lives of thousands of children worldwide.


A graduate of The College of New Jersey, Ms. Schoellkopf resides in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

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