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Test your Knowledge with the Following SituationsUmpire Point - GIF


  1. A relief pitcher enters the game and he throws two wild pitches. The manager wants to bring in a new pitcher.  Can he?

  2. The delivery by the pitcher hits the ground in front of the plate and the umpire calls out “ball.”  However, the pitch skips over the plate and the batter slams it over the right field fence.  Is this a homer?

  3. There are three men on base and one out when the batter lofts a high pop over second base.  As the second sacker drifts out under the ball, the umpire calls “Infield Fly.”  Then the centerfielder, who had been playing shallow, races in and tries to make the catch over his teammate’s shoulder.  However, he drops the ball, retrieves it, and fires over first base.  When the play ends, two runs have scored, and runners are on second and third.  What about it?

  4. A runner is on first with two out when the batter slugs a double, putting runners at second and third.  As the pitcher toes the rubber, he balks, a run scores and the other runner moves to third.  When the pitcher again takes the rubber, the first baseman calls for the ball and appeals the batter who doubled had missed first.  The umpire knows the bag was missed.  How should he rule?

  5. A runner is on first when the batter singles to left.  As the runner round second, he is hit on the head by the throw from the outfield and is knocked down.  The batter-runner, the next batter and the coaches ask the umpire to call time, but he refuses.  Is this correct?

  6. After beating out a grounder, the batter overruns first base by about 20 feet.  He comes to a stop in fair territory, turns in the direction of second base and leisurely returns to first base.  Is he liable to be put out?

  7. With the bases empty and two out in the bottom of the 7th, the 8th batter is due up.  His manager feels the batter has little chance to hit safely and, with no more pinch hitters available, decides it would be better to open the 8th inning with his leadoff man.  Therefore, he tells the #8 hitter to stay put and sends out the #9 hitter, the pitcher, who pops out to end the inning.  No appeal is made, the teams change sides and the 8th inning starts.  Who is the proper batter when the home team comes to bat again?

  8. A high pop fly comes down near the first base dugout.  The first baseman catches the ball, and then steps down into the dugout.  The runner on second tags up and heads toward third and the first sacker, slightly off balance, fires the ball into left field and the runner continues home.  Does the run count?

  9. In a prearranged surprise play, the pitcher, from the set position, tosses to the third baseman.  Third is unoccupied, but the third sacker quickly fires to second, retiring a runner there.  Is there anything wrong?

  10. Racing toward third base on a triple, the runner collides with an umpire who is in the base line.  The runner falls and is tagged out.  What’s the proper call?

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