The Babe Ruth League, Inc. Alumni Association is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization supported largely through generotaxesus contributions from individuals like you. Your contributions are tax-deductible. The need for your assistance is great and the opportunities are plenty.

The Babe Ruth League program began with a vision. Through group commitment, motivation and dedication, it has become one of the leading youth baseball and softball programs in the world. The main goal will always remain the same: TO PUT KIDS FIRST!

Your generosity will help improve the lives of millions of children by assisting Babe Ruth League in providing an educational and wholesome baseball or softball experience for all youth from the suburbs to the city streets.

Your gifts sustain Babe Ruth League's many programs, activities, and other special services available for the youth it serves. Your gifts ensure that today's dollars are always in place for tomorrow's participants.

There are many opportunities for alumni, friends and other supporters to participate in the success of Babe Ruth League. You may structure your gift in a variety of ways.

We thank you for any support you can provide to the Alumni Association. Together we can make a difference for our kids.

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