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May 2015 You Make the Call Answers

May 2015 - Answers to You Make the Call


  1. No.  Except for the pitcher, who must be on the rubber, and the catcher, who must be in his box behind the plate, all other defensive players may station themselves wherever they wish, as long as they remain in fair territory.  Official Baseball Rule 4.03(c).
  2. This is definitely unsportsmanlike conduct, and the second baseman should be ejected from the game. Official Baseball Rule 4.06(b).
  3. He is safe.  No play can be made on a runner at that base if the bag becomes dislodged after he has reached it safely.  Official Baseball Rule 7.08(c) Approved Ruling (1).
  4. The substitute was legally in the game when he occupied the shortstop's position despite lack of notification.  The play stands.  Similar rulings apply for unreported substitutions of pitchers, batters or runners.  Official Baseball Rule 3.08(a).
  5. The umpire erred in calling the pitch too soon; however, the batter may hit a pitch even though it first touches the ground. Therefore, the homerun would stand.  Official Baseball Rule 2.00- A BALL.
  6. No.  The runner can turn either way in fair territory or foul territory to return to first base.  However, this right to immunity is immediately forfeited upon any act, which in the umpire's judgment, indicates the batter runner made an attempt for second base. Official Baseball Rule 7.08(j).
  7. Yes.  The lines defining the batter's box are considered as being within the batter's box.  Official Baseball Rule 6.03 Approved Ruling.
  8. Yes. The batter is out for stepping out of the box, as the rule does not indicate it has to be a fair ball.  Official Baseball Rule 6.06(a).
  9. No.  At this point, the rules make no distinction between the batter who has walked and any other batter runner.  Consequently, this batter has the same right to overrun first base.  Official Baseball Rules 7.08 (c and j) and 7.10(c).
  10. Third base.  Since this was the first play by the infielder, the umpire awards bases from the position of the runner when the pitch was made; unless all runners, including the batter-runner, have advanced at least one base when an infielder makes a wild throw on the first play after the pitch, the award shall be governed by the position of the runners when the wild throw was made.  Official Baseball Rule 7.05(g) Approved Ruling.


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