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BRL May 2015 You Make the Call

You Make the Call!

You say you know the rules.  Let’s try these questions to see if you need to improve yourself as an official representative of the game.

  1. With the potential winning run on third base, the manager tells his first baseman to back up the plate or stand directly behind the catcher should there be a wild pitch.  Is this legal?
  2. In an effort to distract the batter, the second baseman stands behind the pitcher and waves his arm while jumping up and down.  Is this act legal?
  3. A base runner slides into third base and the loose bag slides away from him.  The fielder applies the tag while the runner is off base.  Is the runner out?
  4. The shortstop is replaced with a better defensive player in the seventh inning.  The change is not reported to the umpires and no announcement is made.  Later in the inning, the new shortstop makes a sensational diving catch to save the game for his team. The opposition claims the catch is illegal since no one was notified of the change.  What is the correct ruling?
  5. A delivery by the pitcher hits the ground in front of the plate, and the umpire calls a ball.  However, the pitch skips over the plate, and the batter slams it over the left field fence.  Is this a  homerun, or since the pitched ball hit the ground, should the original call of ball by the plate umpire stand?
  6. After beating out a ground ball to the shortstop, the batter overruns first base by about 10 feet.  He comes to a stop in fair territory, turns in the direction of second base and leisurely returns to first base.  Is he liable to be put out?
  7. Standing deep in the batter's box, the hitter places his foot on the line marking the end of the box.  Is this a legal position?
  8. The pitcher is ordered to give the opposition's big hitter an intentional base on balls.  On the third pitch, the batter decides to swing at the wide pitch and steps across the plate.  The batter makes contact' however, the ball goes foul.  Since the ball was not a fair ball, was the umpire correct in ruling the batter out?
  9. After a fourth ball to the batter, which goes to the backstop, the batter runner entertains thoughts of trying for second base.  As he reaches first base, the coach tells him to hold up.  However, the runner cannot stop, crosses first base and continues down the foul line.  Can he be put out before he returns to first base?
  10. On the hit and run, with a runner on first base, the batter hits a ground ball up the middle.  The shortstop makes the stop behind second base, however, there is no play on the runner advancing from first base.  The shortstop throws in an attempt to retire the batter.  However, the ball bounces into the dugout.  To what base would the runner at second base be entitled?

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